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  2048 Sydney Stampede News
  4/14/2048 (SYD) Wally Meadows demoted to AAA.
  4/14/2048 (SYD) Glenn Castro demoted to AAA.
  4/14/2048 (SYD) Dmitri Alou demoted to AAA.
  4/14/2048 (SYD) Dale Deleon promoted to Majors.
  4/14/2048 (SYD) T.R. Malone promoted to Majors.
  4/14/2048 (SYD) Donnie Sherman promoted to Majors.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) T.R. Malone signed to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Dale Deleon signed to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Donnie Sherman signed to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Steven Hester released.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Decomba Dunlap released.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Cade Wilson released.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Sherman Pope demoted to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Christian Bates demoted to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Doc Workman demoted to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Brian Cardenas demoted to AAA.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Mendy Camper promoted to Majors.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Norm Curtis promoted to Majors.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Lynn Vasquez promoted to Majors.
  4/13/2048 (SYD) Leroy Joyner promoted to Majors.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Jesse Jenkins demoted to AAA.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Gabe Brumley promoted to Majors.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) T.R. Malone accepts offer.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Dale Deleon accepts offer.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Donnie Sherman accepts offer.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Mendy Camper signed to AAA.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Lynn Vasquez signed to AAA.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Leroy Joyner signed to AAA.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Norm Curtis signed to AAA.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Chet Moody released.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Benito Evans released.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Osvaldo Burke released.
  4/12/2048 (SYD) Mathew Joyner released.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Gabe Brumley signed to AAA.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Jeff Orr released.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Chip Cote demoted to AAA.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Rufino Duke demoted to AAA.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Mathew Joyner demoted to AAA.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Matthew Mclaughlin promoted to Majors.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Jim Murphy promoted to Majors.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Heath Bosio promoted to Majors.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Lynn Vasquez accepts offer.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Leroy Joyner accepts offer.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Norm Curtis accepts offer.
  4/11/2048 (SYD) Mendy Camper accepts offer.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Monty Pringle demoted to AAA.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Jesse Jenkins promoted to Majors.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Sherman Pope promoted to Majors.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Gabe Brumley accepts offer.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Matthew Mclaughlin signed to AAA.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Jim Murphy signed to AAA.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Heath Bosio signed to AAA.
  4/10/2048 (SYD) Alex Cedeno released.
  4/9/2048 (SYD) Jim Murphy accepts offer.
  4/9/2048 (SYD) Matthew Mclaughlin accepts offer.
  4/9/2048 (SYD) Heath Bosio accepts offer.
  4/9/2048 (SYD) Jesse Jenkins signed to AAA.
  4/9/2048 (SYD) Sherman Pope signed to AAA.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Chet Moody demoted to AAA.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Tavo Pujols demoted to AAA.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Homer Leach promoted to Majors.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Clem Christensen promoted to Majors.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Sherman Pope accepts offer.
  4/8/2048 (SYD) Jesse Jenkins accepts offer.
  4/7/2048 (SYD) Homer Leach signed to AAA.
  4/7/2048 (SYD) Clem Christensen signed to AAA.
  4/6/2048 (SYD) Homer Leach accepts offer.
  4/6/2048 (SYD) Clem Christensen accepts offer.
  4/4/2048 (SYD) Jesse Mills demoted to AAA.
  4/4/2048 (SYD) Floyd Cooke promoted to Majors.
  4/3/2048 (SYD) Floyd Cooke signed to AAA.
  4/2/2048 (SYD) Reginald Hull demoted to AAA.
  4/2/2048 (SYD) Vito Armstrong promoted to Majors.
  4/2/2048 (SYD) Vito Armstrong promoted to Majors.
  4/2/2048 (SYD) Floyd Cooke accepts offer.
  4/1/2048 (SYD) Brett Farley demoted to AAA.
  4/1/2048 (SYD) Hector Olson promoted to Majors.
  4/1/2048 (SYD) Vito Armstrong signed to AAA.
  3/31/2048 (SYD) Hector Olson signed to AAA.
  3/31/2048 (SYD) Vito Armstrong accepts offer.
  3/30/2048 (SYD) Hector Olson accepts offer.
  3/29/2048 (SYD) Steven Hester demoted to AAA.
  3/29/2048 (SYD) Jeff Orr demoted to AAA.
  3/29/2048 (SYD) Mathew Joyner promoted to Majors.
  3/29/2048 (SYD) Brian Cardenas promoted to Majors.
  3/29/2048 (SYD) Brett Farley promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Cade Wilson signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Decomba Dunlap signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Benito Evans signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Osvaldo Burke signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Brett Farley signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Mathew Joyner signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Brian Cardenas signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Alex Cedeno signed to AAA.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Brook Burkett promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Dmitri Alou promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Christian Bates promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Rufino Duke promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Tavo Pujols promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Jesse Mills promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Marlin Gentry promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Monty Pringle promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Steven Hester promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Chet Moody promoted to Majors.
  3/28/2048 (SYD) Reginald Hull promoted to Majors.
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