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  2109 Lexington Dukes News
  10/23/2109 (LEX) Xavier Reeves demoted to AAA.
  10/23/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer promoted to Majors.
  10/22/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer moved to minors from DL.
  9/17/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick released from pending roster.
  9/17/2109 (LEX) Angelo Dant released from pending roster.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick accepts offer.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Angelo Dant accepts offer.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Otho Noble signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Mo Bryant signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Ernie Stein signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Brendan Anderson signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Alfredo Wilson signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Francisco Costen signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Joseph Belinda signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Shane Garza signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Bump Sargent signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Glen Bonnici signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Herbert Ware signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Eddie Mcneil signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Brien Rodriquez signed extension.
  9/16/2109 (LEX) Robert Stein signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Jeffrey Levy signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Milton Hale signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Carl Hendricks signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Xavier Reeves signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Kerry Greene signed extension.
  9/1/2109 (LEX) Cody Fletcher signed extension.
  8/26/2109 (LEX) Carl Hendricks signed to AAA.
  8/26/2109 (LEX) Seth Dunlap released.
  8/25/2109 (LEX) Jeffrey Levy signed to AAA.
  8/25/2109 (LEX) Virgil Klein released.
  8/25/2109 (LEX) Carl Hendricks accepts offer.
  8/24/2109 (LEX) Jeffrey Levy accepts offer.
  8/23/2109 (LEX) Milton Hale signed to AAA.
  8/23/2109 (LEX) Angelo Dant released.
  8/23/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick released from pending roster.
  8/22/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick accepts offer.
  8/22/2109 (LEX) Milton Hale accepts offer.
  8/18/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen signed to AAA.
  8/18/2109 (LEX) Leon Armstrong released.
  8/17/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen accepts offer.
  8/13/2109 (LEX) Rogelio Newhouse released from pending roster.
  8/12/2109 (LEX) Rogelio Newhouse accepts offer.
  8/2/2109 (LEX) Cody Fletcher signed to AAA.
  8/2/2109 (LEX) Dutch Conrad released.
  8/1/2109 (LEX) Cody Fletcher accepts offer.
  8/1/2109 (LEX) Milton Hale released from pending roster.
  7/31/2109 (LEX) Milton Hale accepts offer.
  7/30/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick released from pending roster.
  7/29/2109 (LEX) Andrew Mccormick accepts offer.
  7/17/2109 (LEX) Edgar Pruitt demoted to AAA.
  7/17/2109 (LEX) Mendy Golden promoted to Majors.
  7/13/2109 (LEX) Seth Dunlap signed to AAA.
  7/12/2109 (LEX) Seth Dunlap accepts offer.
  7/9/2109 (LEX) Kid Gonzales promoted to Majors.
  7/8/2109 (LEX) Dizzy Covington signed to AAA.
  7/8/2109 (LEX) Virgil Klein signed to AAA.
  7/8/2109 (LEX) Lynn Logan released.
  7/8/2109 (LEX) Jessie Morgan released.
  7/8/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer moved to DL.
  7/7/2109 (LEX) Dizzy Covington accepts offer.
  7/7/2109 (LEX) Virgil Klein accepts offer.
  7/7/2109 (LEX) Kerry Greene signed to AAA.
  7/7/2109 (LEX) Wallace Rivas released.
  7/6/2109 (LEX) Lynn Logan signed to AAA.
  7/6/2109 (LEX) Jessie Morgan signed to AAA.
  7/6/2109 (LEX) Dick Belcher released.
  7/6/2109 (LEX) Hank Rose released.
  7/6/2109 (LEX) Kerry Greene accepts offer.
  7/5/2109 (LEX) Wallace Rivas signed to AAA.
  7/5/2109 (LEX) Milton Wynn released.
  7/5/2109 (LEX) Lynn Logan accepts offer.
  7/5/2109 (LEX) Jessie Morgan accepts offer.
  7/4/2109 (LEX) Travis Anderson released from pending roster.
  7/4/2109 (LEX) Wallace Rivas accepts offer.
  7/3/2109 (LEX) Angelo Dant signed to AAA.
  7/3/2109 (LEX) Milton Wynn signed to AAA.
  7/3/2109 (LEX) Walt Clinton released.
  7/3/2109 (LEX) Johnnie Willis released.
  7/3/2109 (LEX) Travis Anderson accepts offer.
  7/2/2109 (LEX) Milton Wynn accepts offer.
  7/2/2109 (LEX) Angelo Dant accepts offer.
  7/1/2109 (LEX) Walt Clinton signed to AAA.
  7/1/2109 (LEX) Keith Huffman released.
  6/30/2109 (LEX) Johnnie Willis signed to AAA.
  6/30/2109 (LEX) Hank Rose signed to AAA.
  6/30/2109 (LEX) Morris Mccullough released.
  6/30/2109 (LEX) Kim Braithewaite released.
  6/30/2109 (LEX) Walt Clinton accepts offer.
  6/29/2109 (LEX) Johnnie Willis accepts offer.
  6/29/2109 (LEX) Hank Rose accepts offer.
  6/29/2109 (LEX) Leon Armstrong signed to AAA.
  6/29/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen released.
  6/28/2109 (LEX) Leon Armstrong accepts offer.
  6/28/2109 (LEX) Morris Mccullough signed to AAA.
  6/28/2109 (LEX) Melvin Barton released.
  6/27/2109 (LEX) Morris Mccullough accepts offer.
  6/26/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen signed to AAA.
  6/26/2109 (LEX) Stan Osborne released.
  6/25/2109 (LEX) Mendy Owen accepts offer.
  6/24/2109 (LEX) Kid Gonzales demoted to AAA.
  6/24/2109 (LEX) Xavier Reeves promoted to Majors.
  6/24/2109 (LEX) Keith Huffman signed to AAA.
  6/24/2109 (LEX) Ramon Estes released.
  6/24/2109 (LEX) Charlie Brennan released from pending roster.
  6/23/2109 (LEX) Xavier Reeves signed to AAA.
  6/23/2109 (LEX) Stan Foley released.
  6/23/2109 (LEX) Charlie Brennan accepts offer.
  6/23/2109 (LEX) Keith Huffman accepts offer.
  6/22/2109 (LEX) Xavier Reeves accepts offer.
  6/21/2109 (LEX) Dick Belcher signed to AAA.
  6/21/2109 (LEX) Jayhawk Datsuk released.
  6/20/2109 (LEX) Ramon Estes signed to AAA.
  6/20/2109 (LEX) Jaime Kane released.
  6/20/2109 (LEX) Dick Belcher accepts offer.
  6/19/2109 (LEX) Ramon Estes accepts offer.
  6/19/2109 (LEX) Jaime Kane signed to AAA.
  6/19/2109 (LEX) Lewis Casanova released.
  6/18/2109 (LEX) Lewis Casanova signed to AAA.
  6/18/2109 (LEX) Sun Davidson released.
  6/18/2109 (LEX) Jaime Kane accepts offer.
  6/17/2109 (LEX) Lewis Casanova accepts offer.
  6/16/2109 (LEX) Sun Davidson signed to AAA.
  6/16/2109 (LEX) Melvin Barton signed to AAA.
  6/16/2109 (LEX) Sid Stephenson released.
  6/16/2109 (LEX) Estaban Watkins released.
  6/15/2109 (LEX) Estaban Watkins signed to AAA.
  6/15/2109 (LEX) Charles Tafuri released.
  6/15/2109 (LEX) Sun Davidson accepts offer.
  6/15/2109 (LEX) Melvin Barton accepts offer.
  6/14/2109 (LEX) Estaban Watkins accepts offer.
  6/10/2109 (LEX) Sid Stephenson signed to AAA.
  6/10/2109 (LEX) T.R. Huff released.
  6/9/2109 (LEX) Sid Stephenson accepts offer.
  5/31/2109 (LEX) Darcy Stein released.
  5/31/2109 (LEX) Charles Tafuri signed to AAA.
  5/31/2109 (LEX) Jayhawk Datsuk signed to AAA.
  5/31/2109 (LEX) Phil David released.
  5/30/2109 (LEX) Stan Foley signed to AAA.
  5/30/2109 (LEX) Matthew Peters released.
  5/30/2109 (LEX) Jayhawk Datsuk accepts offer.
  5/30/2109 (LEX) Charles Tafuri accepts offer.
  5/29/2109 (LEX) Stan Foley accepts offer.
  5/27/2109 (LEX) Darcy Stein signed to AAA.
  5/27/2109 (LEX) Andres Glenn released.
  5/26/2109 (LEX) Darcy Stein accepts offer.
  5/19/2109 (LEX) Andres Glenn signed to AAA.
  5/19/2109 (LEX) Gene English released.
  5/18/2109 (LEX) Gene English signed to AAA.
  5/18/2109 (LEX) Rogelio Newhouse released.
  5/18/2109 (LEX) Andres Glenn accepts offer.
  5/17/2109 (LEX) Gene English accepts offer.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Alfredo Wilson demoted to AAA.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Phil David demoted to AAA.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Mendy Golden demoted to AAA.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) T.R. Huff demoted to AAA.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Jonathan Rios promoted to Majors.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Edgar Pruitt promoted to Majors.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Terrence Snyder promoted to Majors.
  4/20/2109 (LEX) Brian Peck promoted to Majors.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Rogelio Newhouse signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Scotty Martinez signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Jonathan Rios signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Edgar Pruitt signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Terrence Snyder signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Brian Peck signed to AAA.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Clayton Castaneda released.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Jose Hodge released.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Fausto Daniel released.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Trent Caminiti released.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Eugene Daniels released.
  4/19/2109 (LEX) Bids over $250K not allowed when negative cash.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Jonathan Rios accepts offer.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Scotty Martinez accepts offer.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Terrence Snyder accepts offer.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Rogelio Newhouse accepts offer.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Brian Peck accepts offer.
  4/18/2109 (LEX) Edgar Pruitt accepts offer.
  4/17/2109 (LEX) Trent Caminiti signed to AAA.
  4/16/2109 (LEX) Trent Caminiti accepts offer.
  4/11/2109 (LEX) Mo Bryant demoted to AAA.
  4/11/2109 (LEX) Robert Stein promoted to Majors.
  4/11/2109 (LEX) Bids over $250K not allowed when negative cash.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Clayton Castaneda demoted to AAA.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Herbert Ware promoted to Majors.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Robert Stein signed to AAA.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Dutch Conrad signed to AAA.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Lawrence Lara released.
  4/10/2109 (LEX) Art Cookson released.
  4/9/2109 (LEX) Dutch Conrad accepts offer.
  4/9/2109 (LEX) Robert Stein accepts offer.
  4/9/2109 (LEX) Herbert Ware signed to AAA.
  4/8/2109 (LEX) Fausto Daniel demoted to AAA.
  4/8/2109 (LEX) Eugene Daniels demoted to AAA.
  4/8/2109 (LEX) Glen Bonnici promoted to Majors.
  4/8/2109 (LEX) Pedro Shelton promoted to Majors.
  4/8/2109 (LEX) Herbert Ware accepts offer.
  4/7/2109 (LEX) Mario Cole signed to AAA.
  4/7/2109 (LEX) Glen Bonnici signed to AAA.
  4/7/2109 (LEX) Pedro Shelton signed to AAA.
  4/7/2109 (LEX) Morris Kent released.
  4/6/2109 (LEX) Glen Bonnici accepts offer.
  4/6/2109 (LEX) Mario Cole accepts offer.
  4/6/2109 (LEX) Pedro Shelton accepts offer.
  4/6/2109 (LEX) Lawrence Lara demoted to AAA.
  4/6/2109 (LEX) Shane Garza promoted to Majors.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Ernie Stein demoted to AAA.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Matthew Peters demoted to AAA.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Joseph Belinda promoted to Majors.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer promoted to Majors.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Shane Garza signed to AAA.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Alexy Garner signed to AAA.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) Jason Chang signed to AAA.
  4/5/2109 (LEX) William Vasquez released.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Shane Garza accepts offer.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Jason Chang accepts offer.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Alexy Garner accepts offer.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Matthew Peters promoted to Majors.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) T.R. Huff promoted to Majors.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Eugene Daniels promoted to Majors.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Joseph Belinda signed to AAA.
  4/4/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer signed to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Joseph Belinda accepts offer.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Ramon Cromer accepts offer.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Stan Osborne demoted to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Jose Hodge demoted to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Brendan Anderson promoted to Majors.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Brien Rodriquez promoted to Majors.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Mendy Golden promoted to Majors.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Fausto Daniel promoted to Majors.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Morris Kent signed to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Matthew Peters signed to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) Eugene Daniels signed to AAA.
  4/3/2109 (LEX) T.R. Huff signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Brendan Anderson signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Brien Rodriquez signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Art Cookson signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Fausto Daniel signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Kim Braithewaite signed to AAA.
  4/2/2109 (LEX) Mendy Golden signed to AAA.
  4/1/2109 (LEX) F.P. Combs promoted to Majors.
  4/1/2109 (LEX) Bump Sargent promoted to Majors.
  4/1/2109 (LEX) Brendan Anderson accepts offer.
  4/1/2109 (LEX) Brien Rodriquez accepts offer.
  3/31/2109 (LEX) F.P. Combs signed to AAA.
  3/31/2109 (LEX) Bump Sargent signed to AAA.
  3/30/2109 (LEX) Bump Sargent accepts offer.
  3/30/2109 (LEX) F.P. Combs accepts offer.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Lawrence Lara promoted to Majors.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Ernie Stein promoted to Majors.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Jose Hodge promoted to Majors.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Stan Osborne promoted to Majors.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Kid Gonzales promoted to Majors.
  3/27/2109 (LEX) Don Reed promoted to Majors.
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