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  2142 New Jersey Engineers News
  9/24/2142 (NJ) Andre Harrington signed to AAA.
  9/24/2142 (NJ) Aldo Joseph released.
  9/23/2142 (NJ) Andre Harrington accepts offer.
  9/21/2142 (NJ) Bids over $250K not allowed when negative cash.
  9/17/2142 (NJ) Francisco Gilliam demoted to AAA.
  9/17/2142 (NJ) Howie Dillon promoted to Majors.
  9/11/2142 (NJ) Dan Richard signed to AAA.
  9/11/2142 (NJ) Sam Stepherson released.
  9/10/2142 (NJ) Dan Richard accepts offer.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Randall Sanford signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Brien Patel signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Harvey Kemp signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Estaban Aguirre signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Clint Guerrero signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Cade Monroe signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Dmitri Belinsky signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) AJ Blackwell signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Brant Allen signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Geronimo Holder signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Kyle Pennington signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Lou Clark signed extension.
  9/1/2142 (NJ) Aldo Joseph signed extension.
  8/22/2142 (NJ) Vern Casey demoted to AAA.
  8/22/2142 (NJ) Orlando Trujillo promoted to Majors.
  8/21/2142 (NJ) Orlando Trujillo signed to AAA.
  8/21/2142 (NJ) Dax Buelow released.
  8/21/2142 (NJ) Ross Cantwell released.
  8/21/2142 (NJ) Eugene Sloan signed to AAA.
  8/20/2142 (NJ) Eugene Sloan accepts offer.
  8/19/2142 (NJ) Orlando Trujillo moved to pending from DL.
  8/19/2142 (NJ) Joey Sherman signed to AAA.
  8/19/2142 (NJ) Arthur Valdez released.
  8/18/2142 (NJ) Joey Sherman accepts offer.
  8/14/2142 (NJ) Aldo Beck signed to AAA.
  8/14/2142 (NJ) Ryan Valentine released.
  8/13/2142 (NJ) Aldo Beck accepts offer.
  8/11/2142 (NJ) Melvin Giles signed to AAA.
  8/10/2142 (NJ) Melvin Giles accepts offer.
  7/22/2142 (NJ) Ross Cantwell demoted to AAA.
  7/22/2142 (NJ) Earl Justice promoted to Majors.
  7/21/2142 (NJ) Earl Justice signed to AAA.
  7/21/2142 (NJ) Everett Sachs released.
  7/20/2142 (NJ) Earl Justice accepts offer.
  7/17/2142 (NJ) Vern Casey promoted to Majors.
  7/16/2142 (NJ) Orlando Trujillo moved to DL.
  7/3/2142 (NJ) Maurice Mills released from pending roster.
  7/3/2142 (NJ) Stan Gordon released from pending roster.
  7/3/2142 (NJ) Elder Merritt released from pending roster.
  7/3/2142 (NJ) Spider Aguilera signed to AAA.
  7/3/2142 (NJ) Carey Lane released.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Sidney Clarke released from pending roster.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Juan Conine signed to AAA.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Howie Dillon signed to AAA.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Arthur Valdez signed to AAA.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Tris Goodman released.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Bobby Dunlap released.
  7/2/2142 (NJ) Calvin Riley released.
  6/27/2142 (NJ) Dax Buelow signed to AAA.
  6/26/2142 (NJ) Dax Buelow accepts offer.
  6/19/2142 (NJ) Everett Sachs signed to AAA.
  6/19/2142 (NJ) Franklin Bennett released.
  6/19/2142 (NJ) Tyrone Decker released.
  6/18/2142 (NJ) Everett Sachs accepts offer.
  6/12/2142 (NJ) Carey Lane demoted to AAA.
  6/12/2142 (NJ) Ross Cantwell promoted to Majors.
  6/11/2142 (NJ) Ross Cantwell signed to AAA.
  6/11/2142 (NJ) Aaron Miles released.
  6/10/2142 (NJ) Ross Cantwell accepts offer.
  5/29/2142 (NJ) Tyrone Decker demoted to AAA.
  5/29/2142 (NJ) Carey Lane promoted to Majors.
  5/28/2142 (NJ) Carey Lane signed to AAA.
  5/28/2142 (NJ) Fred Frederick released.
  5/28/2142 (NJ) Fred Frederick demoted to AAA.
  5/28/2142 (NJ) Tyrone Decker promoted to Majors.
  5/27/2142 (NJ) Carey Lane accepts offer.
  5/27/2142 (NJ) Tyrone Decker signed to AAA.
  5/26/2142 (NJ) Tyrone Decker accepts offer.
  5/23/2142 (NJ) Bobby Dunlap signed to AAA.
  5/22/2142 (NJ) Bobby Dunlap accepts offer.
  5/2/2142 (NJ) Vern Casey demoted to AAA.
  5/2/2142 (NJ) Willard Case promoted to Majors.
  5/1/2142 (NJ) Willard Case signed to AAA.
  5/1/2142 (NJ) Pop Meyer released.
  4/29/2142 (NJ) Willard Case moved to pending from DL.
  4/17/2142 (NJ) Pop Meyer demoted to AAA.
  4/17/2142 (NJ) Fred Frederick promoted to Majors.
  4/15/2142 (NJ) Vern Casey promoted to Majors.
  4/14/2142 (NJ) Willard Case moved to DL.
  4/7/2142 (NJ) Fred Frederick demoted to AAA.
  4/7/2142 (NJ) Robb Briscoe promoted to Majors.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Jesus Bonds demoted to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Sam Stepherson demoted to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Peaches Fielder demoted to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Calvin Riley demoted to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Brian Lindsay promoted to Majors.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Dale Macdonald promoted to Majors.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Francisco Gilliam promoted to Majors.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Darrell Harrington promoted to Majors.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Bids over $250K not allowed when negative cash.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Matthew Brower signed to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Robb Briscoe signed to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Deshawn Davenport signed to AAA.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Jesus Bonds released.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Rudy Williamson released.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Willie Christopher released.
  4/6/2142 (NJ) Claudius Holmes released.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Dale Macdonald signed to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Brian Lindsay signed to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Bruce Brito signed to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Francisco Gilliam signed to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Darrell Harrington signed to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Preston Prince released.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Phil Battaglia released.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Aaron Miles demoted to AAA.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Mark Frye promoted to Majors.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Matthew Brower accepts offer.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Deshawn Davenport accepts offer.
  4/5/2142 (NJ) Robb Briscoe accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Dale Macdonald accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Bruce Brito accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Brian Lindsay accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Francisco Gilliam accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Darrell Harrington accepts offer.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Ryan Valentine demoted to AAA.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Sam Stepherson promoted to Majors.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Preston Prince signed to AAA.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Mark Frye signed to AAA.
  4/4/2142 (NJ) Claudius Holmes signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Mark Frye accepts offer.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Aldo Joseph signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Sam Stepherson signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Willie Christopher signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Rudy Williamson signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Zachary Mills signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Franklin Bennett signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Phil Battaglia signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Tris Goodman signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Vern Casey signed to AAA.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Bubba Diaz released from pending roster.
  4/3/2142 (NJ) Ivan Concepcion released from pending roster.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Ryan Eaton promoted to Majors.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Pop Meyer signed to fill roster.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Ryan Valentine signed to fill roster.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Aaron Miles signed to fill roster.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Fred Frederick signed to fill roster.
  4/1/2142 (NJ) Calvin Riley moved to majors to fill roster.
  3/31/2142 (NJ) Ryan Eaton signed to AAA.
  3/30/2142 (NJ) Ryan Eaton accepts offer.
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