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  MIL Brewers
Current Season Date: 4/14/2112
4/9/2112 NY   Box Score   Log
4/10/2112 NY   Box Score   Log
4/12/2112 @CAR   Box Score   Log
4/13/2112 @CAR   Box Score   Log
Thursday, April 14, 2112
MILWAUKEE:    Nathan Bosman   ( 0-0, 12.46 )
CAROLINA:    Lawrence Lara   NR

Team Highlights
World Champs:  2010, 2020, 2059, 2093
LCS Champs:  2010, 2016, 2020, 2031, 2059, 2066, 2093
DCS Champs:  2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2031, 2059, 2060, 2064, 2065, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2072, 2080, 2093, 2094, 2106
Div. Champs:  2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2029, 2031, 2034, 2060, 2062, 2063, 2064, 2065, 2066, 2067, 2068, 2069, 2071, 2072, 2075, 2076, 2079, 2093, 2095, 2098, 2103, 2106, 2108, 2111
Wildcard:  2059, 2070, 2080, 2092, 2094

Please check out the discussion board post about the recent changes to the game engine.

Game Engine Update.

Injured Play Hlth   Days Elig.
Abbey, T N 90 Sore leg 7 N/A
4/14/2112 (CAR) Stephen Crabtree released. (P)  info
4/14/2112 (CAR) Curt Larsen released. (P)  info
4/14/2112 (CLE) CLE trades E. Best to OCC for Rd.3
4/14/2112 (OCC) CLE trades E. Best to OCC for Rd.3
4/14/2112 (OAK) Ivan Foreman released. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (LEX) Clayton Montgomery released. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (LEX) Everett Nolan accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/13/2112 (LEX) Lloyd Marks accepts offer. (C)  info
4/13/2112 (CAR) Andrew Mccormick accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (CAR) Trevor Burks accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (CAR) Julian Waters accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/13/2112 (CAR) Rich Henry accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (SA) Travis Anderson released from pending roster. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (BEA) Jacob Moreno released. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (BEA) Roger Bonnici released. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (BEA) Nelson Arocha released from pending roster. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (JAC) Brady Steele accepts offer. (1B)  info
4/13/2112 (JAC) Bryce Bass accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/13/2112 (JAC) Overton Bogener accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (JAC) Terric Alou accepts offer. (2B)  info
4/13/2112 (JAC) Wilbur Bowers accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (OAK) Vesa Rowe accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (OAK) Hector Pate accepts offer. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (LVG) Archie Farmer released. (P)  info
4/13/2112 (LVG) Warren Brennan released. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (LEX) Pete Ratliff released. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (LEX) Ariel Newhouse accepts offer. (SS)  info
4/12/2112 (LEX) Isidro Mangiafico accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (LEX) Eugene Dalesandra accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (CAR) Preston Baerga accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/12/2112 (SA) Roberto Robles released. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (SA) Wade Downs released. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (SA) Travis Anderson accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (SA) Roy Yorston accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (SA) Wesley Good accepts offer. (LF)  info
4/12/2112 (BEA) Vladimir Stein accepts offer. (1B)  info
4/12/2112 (BEA) Lafayette Higgins accepts offer. (C)  info
4/12/2112 (BEA) Angelo Dant accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (BEA) Nelson Arocha accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (BEA) Brian Ruiz accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (LVG) Terrence Snyder accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/12/2112 (LVG) Rickey Mcbride accepts offer. (P)  info
4/12/2112 (LVG) Abbie Darcy accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (LEX) Bryan Fowler released. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (LEX) Sandy Delacruz released from pending roster. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (LEX) Lester Belk accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/11/2112 (CAR) Tom Tom Baerga accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (SA) Glendon Colbrunn released. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (SA) Milton Hale accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (SA) A.J. Murray accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/11/2112 (SA) Frank Baxley accepts offer. (C)  info
4/11/2112 (BEA) Dino Reid accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/11/2112 (BEA) Pop Mccarty accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (BEA) Wilbur Quinn accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/11/2112 (BEA) Stephen Avila accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (LVG) Johnnie Waters accepts offer. (P)  info
4/11/2112 (LVG) Johnnie Browne accepts offer. (1B)  info
4/11/2112 (LVG) Morris Bielecki accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (LEX) Jacob Doyle accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/10/2112 (LEX) Sandy Delacruz accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (LEX) Rusty Nieves accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (LEX) Hideo Espinoza accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (CAR) Les Travis accepts offer. (LF)  info
4/10/2112 (SA) Tony Yorston accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (BEA) Ian Belliard accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (JAC) Norm Romero accepts offer. (2B)  info
4/10/2112 (JAC) Vincente Rogers accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (JAC) Heathcliff Corsi accepts offer. (1B)  info
4/10/2112 (OAK) Torii Wilcox accepts offer. (P)  info
4/10/2112 (OAK) Connie Dotson accepts offer. (C)  info
4/10/2112 (LVG) Dwayne Berumen accepts offer. (LF)  info
4/9/2112 (NY) Tommy Goff accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (LON) BAR trades H. Brocail, V. Bode to LON for D. Cote, R. Fuentes, A. Morgenthau
4/9/2112 (LEX) Orel Cangelosi accepts offer. (C)  info
4/9/2112 (LEX) Cody Estes accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (LEX) Barry Moreno accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (LEX) Pete Ratliff accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (CAR) Adrian Vincent accepts offer. (3B)  info
4/9/2112 (BAR) BAR trades H. Brocail, V. Bode to LON for D. Cote, R. Fuentes, A. Morgenthau
4/9/2112 (SA) Brooks Vance accepts offer. (1B)  info
4/9/2112 (SA) Walt Haney accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (SA) Reginald Le accepts offer. (SS)  info
4/9/2112 (BEA) Sidney Kelley accepts offer. (LF)  info
4/9/2112 (BEA) Sherry Burch accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (JAC) Timothy Riggs accepts offer. (CF)  info
4/9/2112 (OAK) Darrell Mccormick accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (OAK) Calvin Browning accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (LVG) Todd Bonds accepts offer. (P)  info
4/9/2112 (LVG) Archie Farmer accepts offer. (P)  info

Team   W     L     GB  
New Jersey 8 1 -
New York 7 3 1.5
Salem 7 3 1.5
Milwaukee 4 5 4
Pittsburgh 1 9 7.5
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4/15@ Oakland
4/16@ Oakland
4/17@ Oakland
4/19@ Pittsburgh
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