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  NJ Engineers
Current Season Date: 6/18/2137
6/13/2137 LVG   Box Score   Log
6/14/2137 LVG   Box Score   Log
6/15/2137 LVG   Box Score   Log
6/16/2137 PIT   Box Score   Log
6/17/2137 PIT   Box Score   Log
Tuesday, June 18, 2137
PITTSBURGH:    Wayne Powers   ( 1-8, 5.81 )
NEW JERSEY:    Geronimo Holder   ( 4-2, 4.11 )

Team Highlights
World Champs:  2054, 2073
LCS Champs:  2050, 2054, 2073, 2082
DCS Champs:  2021, 2050, 2052, 2054, 2056, 2073, 2081, 2082, 2085, 2093, 2099, 2104
Div. Champs:  2006, 2036, 2044, 2049, 2050, 2052, 2053, 2054, 2056, 2057, 2058, 2059, 2080, 2081, 2082, 2085, 2086, 2091, 2092, 2099, 2104, 2105, 2109, 2112, 2114, 2115, 2118, 2119
Wildcard:  2021, 2073, 2093, 2111

*** Amateur Draft held on July 1st & 2nd ***
6/18/2137 (ROS) Grady Stafford released. (LF)  info
6/18/2137 (LEX) Sean Wyatt released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (SA) Alexy Tillman released. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (SA) Ross Wilkinson released. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (SA) Benjamin Porter released. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (BOS) Julian Kerr released. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (GC) Freddy Huff released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/18/2137 (OAK) Wilbur Alvarado released. (3B)  info
6/18/2137 (OAK) Harvey Whitehead released. (LF)  info
6/17/2137 (NY) Decomba Whitaker released. (3B)  info
6/17/2137 (NY) Harvey Costen released. (3B)  info
6/17/2137 (ROS) Lynn Marquez accepts offer. (CF)  info
6/17/2137 (LEX) Turk Chau released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Dino Procida released. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Ruben Nomo released. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Dick Connolly released. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Jesus Berg accepts offer. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Huck Mayo accepts offer. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (SA) Andres Brown accepts offer. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (BOS) Eric Pace released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (GC) Petie Romano released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (ASH) Sammy Head released. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (OAK) Alex Henriquez released. (CF)  info
6/17/2137 (OAK) Hod Bunch accepts offer. (P)  info
6/17/2137 (OAK) Johnnie Aldred accepts offer. (SS)  info
6/16/2137 (NY) Christian Bryan released. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (NY) Dante Glass released. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (NY) Matthew Carpenter accepts offer. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (NY) A.J. Burgos accepts offer. (SS)  info
6/16/2137 (NY) Jon Bartee accepts offer. (3B)  info
6/16/2137 (LEX) Glen Mathis released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Scooter Russo released. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Vern Taylor released. (1B)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Alvin Holland released. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Alexy Tillman accepts offer. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Ross Wilkinson accepts offer. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SA) Victor Joseph accepts offer. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (SAV) Marino Leach released. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (BOS) Karim Alou released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (GC) Harmon Bottalico released. (2B)  info
6/16/2137 (GC) Rusty Pringle released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (ASH) Neil Belinda accepts offer. (P)  info
6/16/2137 (OAK) Nigel Brock accepts offer. (CF)  info
6/15/2137 (NY) Lance Belle released. (2B)  info
6/15/2137 (NY) Brad Parks released. (3B)  info
6/15/2137 (NY) Dan Seddon accepts offer. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (ROS) Kent Swanson released. (RF)  info
6/15/2137 (LEX) Lester James released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (CLE) Geoffrey Bullett released. (C)  info
6/15/2137 (BAR) Dell Atkins released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (BAR) Ian Good released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Kenny Deleon released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Seth Dunn released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Art Baird released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Jeromy Olson accepts offer. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Samuel Buckley accepts offer. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SA) Benjamin Porter accepts offer. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SAV) Horace Sanchez released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (SAV) Ramiro Gilmore accepts offer. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (BOS) Rick Castro released. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (BOS) Alexis Graham accepts offer. (CF)  info
6/15/2137 (GC) Eugene Nunez released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/15/2137 (GC) Claudius Connors accepts offer. (3B)  info
6/14/2137 (PIT) Nixey Wells released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (NY) Brien Terry released. (3B)  info
6/14/2137 (NY) Karim Hamilton accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (NY) Lester Rosario accepts offer. (2B)  info
6/14/2137 (ROS) Grady Stafford accepts offer. (LF)  info
6/14/2137 (LEX) Izzy Shepherd released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (CLE) Tom Tom Lang accepts offer. (C)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Tyler Sharpe released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Mariano Baker released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Rico Glass released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Rufino Dean released from pending roster. (SS)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Marlin Wiggins released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Bump Love accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BAR) Aaron Beard accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Vince Alford released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Tom Tom Arlich released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Mac Barr released. (C)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Darren Vinson released. (C)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Felipe Weaver released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Dino Procida accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SA) Ruben Nomo accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SAV) Freddy Mckinney released. (SS)  info
6/14/2137 (SAV) Roberto Skinner released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (SAV) Marino Leach accepts offer. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (BOS) Franklin Bennett released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (GC) Darrin Chatham released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (ASH) Jordan Wynn released. (P)  info
6/14/2137 (OAK) Wonderfu Bautista released. (C)  info
6/14/2137 (OAK) Alvaro Suarez released. (RF)  info
6/13/2137 (PIT) Jaime Casanova released. (SS)  info
6/13/2137 (PIT) Heath Mayo accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (NY) Jesse Blankenship released. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (NY) Harvey Costen accepts offer. (3B)  info
6/13/2137 (LEX) Javier Chandler released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Salvador Braithewaite released. (SS)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Dell Atkins accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Rufino Dean accepts offer. (SS)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Peaches Davidson accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Ian Good accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BAR) Marlin Wiggins accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (SEO) Geronimo Daily accepts offer. (2B)  info
6/13/2137 (SEO) Gus Bernard accepts offer. (LF)  info
6/13/2137 (SEO) Rusty Blake accepts offer. (C)  info
6/13/2137 (SEO) Jimmy Burrows accepts offer. (2B)  info
6/13/2137 (SA) Bryan Cuyler released. (C)  info
6/13/2137 (SA) Christian Marshall released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (SA) Jean Sheppard accepts offer. (C)  info
6/13/2137 (SA) Jean Mcneil accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (SA) Seth Dunn accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (SAV) Fred Burba released. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (SAV) Donald Harper accepts offer. (SS)  info
6/13/2137 (SAV) Roberto Skinner accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BOS) Gregg Holmes released. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BOS) Glendon Bradford released. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (BOS) Benjamin Wilkerson released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (GC) Trent Boone released from pending roster. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (ASH) Bryan Mcfadden released. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (ASH) Sammy Head accepts offer. (P)  info
6/13/2137 (OAK) Harvey Whitehead accepts offer. (LF)  info
6/13/2137 (OAK) Leonard Singleton accepts offer. (RF)  info
6/13/2137 (MIL) Phil Norton released. (P)  info

Team   W     L     GB  
Milwaukee 40 25 -
Green Bay 37 32 5
New Jersey 36 33 6
Pittsburgh 33 35 8.5
New York 32 36 9.5
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6/21@ Milwaukee
6/22@ Milwaukee
6/23@ Milwaukee
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