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  YTR Press Releases

Press Releases 
  (3/27/2118)    (LON) Knights    The World Series went a full seven games with Seoul Jive taking the title with a run scoring double in the bottom of the ninth inning!!! Congrats to the Seoul Jive!!!
  (3/27/2118)    (LON) Knights    Also - Keith Cormier wins his third straight Cy Young Award.
  (9/25/2116)    (LON) Knights    Has anyone noticed we have a player that has 180 RBIs this season!!! Terence Faulkner is having a monster year!!
  (8/11/2114)    (SEO) Jive    Congratulations Angel Decker getting your 400th save!!!!
  (7/18/2105)    (GC) Copperheads    Congratulations to JT Greene for pitching the second no-hitter in Granite City history, 7/15/2015:
  (5/24/2099)    (GC) Copperheads    Congratulations to Preston Bailey on the first no-hitter in Copperhead history:
  (7/3/2097)    (IND) Silverfish     Catcher Charlie Dean and 2b Otho Kennedy are available in trade. Willing to take draft picks or a young high-end 2b prospect in return.
  (6/23/2097)    (CLE) Rough Riders    HOUSTON- The Astros would like to send out a presser and let the league know that everyone on the roster is available for trade except pitchers corsi and vasquez, and hitters Beall,George and Ziegler. Aside from those 5 players all deals will be seriously considered or countered. Draft picks, younger players, and prospects, are most coveted. Thank you, and good luck to the league as a whole.
  (7/8/2070)    (IND) Silverfish    Make that 20th season for Nielsen, who just made another All-Star team at age 39. He's also moved up to 10th on the all-time ERA list and 16th in careers saves (with a very high likelihood of finishing 14th)!
  (5/29/2070)    (IND) Silverfish    Graeme Nielsen, 7-time All-Star and currently 11th all-time in ERA and 17th all-time in Saves, is in the midst of a very nice 19th and final season--all with the Silverfish. He'll be tough to replace at the back of the 'pen!
  (7/25/2066)    (COR) Big Red    Hey everybody! Our forums are spam-monitored and ready for your use! Come talk about the latest happenings league and game-wide, prepare your opponents for the beatdowns that your team will be handing out this season, or complain about the beatdowns your team has been getting this season! It's all right here:
  (10/6/2061)    (CLE) Rough Riders    Houston- The Astros organization would like to congratulate the entire team on a well played season and reaching the playoffs as the Wild Card in a hard fought division. The Houston Fans and ownership would also like to specially thank team voted MVP SS Giovanni Abbott on an outstanding season. Gio fell 8 batting AVG. points shy of earning the triple crown while posting the 8th highest home run total and 9th highest RBI total in YTR history. His 174 RBI were the highest total in the YTR NL in 45 seasons, posted by the great John Mueller and the only total higher was Barry Pulliam's great 2036 season in the AL during that time. Great news for an Astros offense which just last season saw Johnnie Kaufman win the MVP posting the 8th highest batting AVG in YTR history. Second sacker John Navarro along with Kaufman both posted top ten all time OBP% last season in the same lineup. The offense has arrived after a rebuild in the city of Houston. The offense had to step up majorly for one of the more inept bullpen performances in Astro's history. The starting pitching was up and down all year but came together when it had to. There are several big contract extensions rumored to being hammered out to reward these fan favorites.
  (10/3/2060)    (SAV) Ducks    Nathaniel Drown promises to be better next year. Finishing the year without a win and with 16 losses and with an ERA just a sliver under 7.00, one must wonder if he could do any worse. With Savanna in a rebuilding process, he may get a chance to try, but even a moderate year may not be enough to keep him around long-term. Still, Savanna manager, Solyrflair, is promising that he will get a few starts before any final decisions are made.
  (4/4/2056)    (IL) Deer    The Deer have struck a deal, Prior to the start of the 2056 season the Deer have sent Catcher Bill Alexander packing to San Diego. In exchange the Deer will recieve 39 y/o Izzy Boze to replace Alexander, San Diego's 2057 1st round pick and cash considerations. The Deer onwer is very pleased with the offer and hopes to continue to create a younger team. Anyone interested on any 30+ player please feel free to make an offer. Some players will be traded away at a minimum cost.
  (3/30/2056)    (IL) Deer    The Illinois Deer would like to thank Rio de Janerio for giving up the team name Deer. The Illinois owners are very happy and wish Rio all the luck in the future.
  (10/9/2053)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish are the YTR's greatest playoffs chokers...maybe I should've named them the Buffalo Bills!!
  (8/31/2051)    (WPC) Bass    Roscoe Revolution All-Time Team (work in progress) C - Kent Phillips 1B - 2B - SS - Cade Herrera Old ROS player prior to merger 3B - Johnny Neale LF - Jay Baerga CG - Ernest Hahn* RF - Sean Honeycutt DH - Vincent Douglas* SP1 - Bert Gilkey SP2 - Oscar Phillips* SP3 - Norm Pramesa CL - Esteban Shepherd* *current player
  (8/6/2051)    (SAV) Ducks    Art Valenzuela hits for Cycle
In a game filled with drama and excitement, Art Valenzuela managed what few other players in YTL baseball have managed. He gathered a Home Run, Triple, Double, and two Singles to bat for the cycle. He had a perfect 5 for 5 night, scored two runs and batted in 4.
The first single came in the first inning where he drove a ball deep into center field to score Spears from second base and give the Firebirds an early lead. Then in the fourth inning, he came to the plate with bases empty and one out to loft a deep fly ball that barely cleared the fence, his second RBI of the night and first trip across home plate. Firebirds gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the fourth, digging a hole they would try to fight their way out of the next inning, with a triple to left from Art to score two more runners and even the score. He then led off the seventh inning with a double, but the Firebirds were unable to bring him home. Then, in the top of the ninth, he led off again with a single to left and scored when Kor singled to right field to begin the comeback for the night. Four runs scored and Rusty Philips came in to shut down the Bullies and hold a 8-6 win away from home.
Art Valenzuela is still batting over .350, has 20 HR and 37 doubles. It was only his second triple of the season as he has been suffering from a pulled groin since the all-star break. His stolen base totals is also down slightly this year until he is fully recovered from the injury.
  (7/24/2051)    (LON) Knights    In a bid to shake up a stagnent organization - the Smithton Jaguars have relocated to London.
  (8/17/2049)    (GC) Copperheads    Copperhead Wall of Honor

Abbie Estalella 2029-2046; .285 BA, .347 OBP, 2558 H, 413 HR, 556 2B, 1492 R, 1405 RBI, 253 SB

Derrick Charlton 2033-2048; .294 BA, .352 OBP, 2691 H, 367 HR, 569 2B, 1361 R, 1296 RBI

  (10/3/2046)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish have to be the biggest choke artists in the YTR, year in and year out. UGH.
  (7/9/2046)    (IL) Deer    SOUTH BEND- The South Bend Whales would like to officially congratulate their lone All-Star this season, Rupe Colbrunn, for his fantastic first half! Colbrunn is currently the AL leader in ERA and is creeping up on the wins leaders. Way to go, Rupe!
  (5/14/2046)    (IL) Deer    SOUTH BEND- Word has come out of South Bend that the Whales are cleaning house. Rumors are swirling that Einar Poole has been dealt simply to help clean up the books. When asked for a comment Owner/GM Eric Cunningham said, "I cannot officially comment on anything until all of the t's have been crossed and the i's have been dotted, but I wasn't brought in here to keep the status quo. We're going to making changes all year."
  (4/29/2046)    (IND) Silverfish    Indianapolis (AP) - After years upon years of shifting rosters and lineups, the ownership group behind the Silverfish is extremely happy with the way things are going this year. The group's spokesman says, on their behalf: "We are really happy, thrilled actually, with the way the roster has come together. With the recent acquisitions of Kim Rutledge and, most recently, Preston Darcy, we don't see any reason that this team can't remain together for at least 5 more seasons and have a great deal of success during that time. We haven't won the big one yet, but we have confidence in this players and in Coach Tommy Lasorda."
  (4/3/2046)    (IL) Deer    SOUTH BEND - The YTR's newest franchise, the South Bend Whales, has had quite the up-and-down offseason. It's no surprise that new GM/Owner Eric Cunningham loves to build from the bullpen and that's exactly what he did.

"I know that there is a stigma around the YTR that relievers are a dime and dozen, and while that may be true I have found that good, reliable relievers are much harder to come by. You can win a lot of games by locking down the late innings which is exactly why we spent the money on guys like Andjuar Dixon."

While the roles of the bullpen have not been determined as of yet, it's assumed that Dixon will have a prominent role this season.

The draft turned out to be a disaster for the Whales, but it was a lesson learned in scouting as Cunningham made it publicly known that the Whales have sunk a bit more money into their scouting since the completion of the draft. There seems to be hope for a few prospects, but the Whales failed to land a player that they could build around in the future.

The Whales also introduced a coaching legend to the fold. A man who worked hand-in-hand with Cunningham back when the Whales resided in San Diego: Coach Ahab.

"Coach Ahab worked wonders with some of the younger talent in San Diego and helped develop some fine young pitchers. We're hoping that he can replicate that type of production out of the youngsters on this team."

  (4/2/2046)    (CLE) Rough Riders    Houston was very pleased to find that Chief Battle, a rookie starting pitching prospect, was still available with the 26th pick in the first round of the 2046 first year palyer draft. Battle was the highest rated pitcher on the Astros draft board so it came as shock to see him passed by so many other teams. Houston only had two picks and were very happy with their 2nd round selection as well with starting pitching prospect, Kid Bournigal. The Astros were rumored to have targeted pitching depth, a very risky position to draft for, and came away with two potential front of the rotation starters. Time will tell but there is at least a positive buzz in Houston after a thud of an exit from the playoffs.
  (4/14/2044)    (COR) Big Red    The Yukon Timber Rattlers would like to announce their move to Ithaca, NY, to become the Cornell Big Red.
  (10/9/2040)    (CLE) Rough Riders    Houston - The Astros won a hard fought series against old rival Smithton to advance to the NLCS. Houston rode strong starting pitching into the next round yeilding a paltry 3 runs from the starting staff the entire series. The bulpen was called upon only three times and held serve to protect the fine outings the straters put out. Left fielder Jamie Frisk stated, " We owe the staff big time in the next series. As a unit, and me especially, couldn't get anything going. Those guys at the bottom of the order carried the offense and luckily it was enough. We've known how good these guys could pitch for a long time, nice to see it come together when the offense just didn't have it."

Houston awaits it's Championship Series opponent as they prepare to defend the homefield they earned during the regular season. CY Young hopeful and staff ace Vaughn Mussina toes the rubber in game one after picking up the win in a 10 inning complete game to open the NLDS series versus' Smithton. The offense looks to give him an easier night this time around.

  (7/18/2040)    (NY) Mets    NY Mets Colbrunn gives up walk in bottom of the seventh inning, spoiling his perfect game. However, with the help of Campbell with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth inning, the Mets record their first no-hitter in their 47 year history. When asked, Tom Seaver replied, "where is Jimmy Qualls when you need him."
  (4/19/2039)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - The Jaguars are going with a youth movement. Despite the early season success, Smithton has called up three first round draft choices. We'll see how they fare.
  (7/13/2038)    (WPC) Bass    7/9/2022 - Cade Herrera hits for the cycle
  (5/24/2038)    (WPC) Bass    Bernie Delvecchi throws 10 1/3 shoutout innings while totaling 150 pitches...
  (10/1/2037)    (BAR) River Dogs    BELLEVILLE(AP) - "OK - so I should have taken this tack much earlier. The guys have really taken off after the moves." was all the GM could say. After raising the white flag and departing with some veterans, the club has made a move and is now tied for first. What a crazy season.
  (8/27/2037)    (BAR) River Dogs    BELLEVILLE(AP) - With the season looking lost, the Maroons took some drastic measures and cut a large portion of their team. "We weren't going to make the playoffs this year. Unfortunately the moves we made didn't pan out at all. We cut the guys hoping they could catch on with a contender. We weren't going to re-sign any of them." It will be a trying time for the remaining vets, but the hope is that they can sign some cheap bench talent and go after some of the key free agents in the off season. We'll see if it pans out.
  (4/24/2037)    (WPC) Bass    4/22 - Kent Phillips hits for the cycle...
  (4/17/2036)    (WPC) Bass    No-hitter for Gilkey...
  (4/2/2035)    (BEA) Bullies    Great draft day for the Bullies!

Beantown had 7 picks in the 1st 4 rounds of the 2035 draft (including 3 first round picks), and they are very happy with the results of the draft.

The prize pick came at #1 overall in the form of highly touted pitching prospect Jermaine Rowe. Rowe has the ability and makeup to develop into a Frontline Starter, he is a young Southpaw with a mid 90s Fastball, but his changeup and his ability to change speeds is what turns the scouts heads. Jermaine also features a nasty curveball and a great hard slider that is more like a cut fastball.

The 22nd overall pick brought LHP Domingo Barker. Domingo is expected to develop into a very strong closer, he was dominant at UCLA, where he hoisted a miniscule 1.63 ERA in his 4 year career and converted 54 of 57 save opportunities. Barker features a mid 90s rising fastball, a devastating changeup, and one of the nastiest screwballs I've ever seen.

With the 30th pick in the 2035 Ammy Draft the Bullies selected RF Gregory Armstrong. Greg is a great power hitting OF, who the Bullies may convert to 1B once Huson retires. Armstrong has tremendous power to all fields, although he's not known for his average, he does have some nice speed which shows in his great OBP. The one downside for Greg is the number of time he strikes out, but the Bullies plan to work on his plate dicipline and try and cut down on the number of Ks.

Other notable picks by the Bullies this year are: Robby Kane (LHP, expected to be a very strong #4 or #5 starter), RHP Trent Delaney (Could be a strong #3 starter if he works on his control), and RHP Jerald Ausanio (Could be a strong addition to the bullpen).

  (10/18/2034)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - Smithton faces elimination yet again in the playoffs. After falling behind 2 games to 0 in the first round, they now face a 3 game hole as they head into tonights game. "We certainly haven't made it easy on ourselves," stated Johnny Patek. "But we aren't out of it yet. We still have to play the games and we have Chip Krueger going tonight. He's been lights out since being brought up from the minors late in the year." Patek is right, Krueger was 4-0 down the stretch with a 3.00 ERA. He was also sharp in his only playoff start this year. Hopefully he can start the 4 game win streak that the Jags need.
  (10/15/2034)    (SAV) Ducks    20 years have past since Savannah was in the post-season. Every active player from that and all other teams have retired. So this was a special year for the Firebirds. With more than 10 seasons without a .500 record, they managed to come out on top of a division that beat each other up so badly that with just over a week to go, last place was still in the running.

Woody Sagmoen, who was released at the end of a season only to return with the hopes of one more year of glory, was the first batter to appear in the post-season since 2013. By the end of the game he had a homerun. Unfortunately, a grand slam lost the first game. The Firebirds proceeded to trade games back and forth but dropped the series in a very tense set of games.

The move that managed to get them into the post season was a wholesale swap of starting pitchers midway through the season. The mid season buying spree turned the team around. With a few weeks left to play in the season, Savannah climbed into first place for the first time (other than April), in more than 10 years.
  (10/12/2034)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - After losing the first two games, the Jags stormed back to take the first round of the playoffs from DC. "I thought we were cooked, but this team really took it upon themselves to pull it together. What a great win for the team and the city after so many years of frustration." Smithton is back into the NLCS after many years of disappointment, much to the excitement of their fans.
  (10/12/2034)    (CLE) Rough Riders    HOUSTON- The Astros used timely hitting in crucial situations and strong starting pitching from Damian Metcalfe to knock off perrinail playoff contender Pittsburgh in front of their raucous home crowd. "It was a hard fought series and much closer than the 3-1 series final indicated", stated 1st baseman and team captian Chad Boone. "It doesn't get any easier from here either as we kick off in Smithton tonight in the NLCS. They have the best record in baseball, as well as the best home record in the entire league. Not to mention that this is a renewal of a war that's been a long time in the making" Boone went on to say. "These two teams went through some absoulte classics in the golden era of the league, and had a bitter rivalry that usally ended with the winner representing the NL in the world series. As that series draws closer, you can feel the electricity picking up in the air a little again. Were looking to catch some of that old magic and ride it through".

Boone and the rest of his teammates are set to go with staff ace and grizzled veteran Jim Gott in game one. Smithton opposes with the young and talented Brett Branson. First pitch is set for 7:05.

  (9/21/2034)    (LON) Knights    Perfect Game - Did anyone notice the perfect game earlier this year? Boxscore
  (8/12/2034)    (LON) Knights    What an amazing division race!!! But looking around, all the divisions are still up for grabs. It's going to be a great finish.
  (4/14/2032)    (BEA) Bullies    Greer Hits 600!

4/9/2032 Ruffino Greer hit his 600th career HR.

  (4/9/2032)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Rumors are swirling that a deal has been struck for former Cy Young Award winner Chuck Abbey. The Whales front office won't leak where his likely destination is, one official did mention that he was glad they wouldn't see him on a regular basis furthering speculation that he is headed to the AL.

In other San Diego news, we're about the see the first start for Deion Osborne in a Whale uniform. Osborne will be making an appearance at 3B after Jeff Sandberg strained his groin on opening night. "We're 100% comfortable with Osborne," said Coach Ahab. "He's a great utility player that we feel we can use at a multitude of positions over the year. 3B will just be his first stop."
  (4/4/2032)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Start of the year Evaluation: Kansas City management knows it's all about the big three starters( Egan, Reboulet and Noreiga)if they pitch like they did last year look for the team to not do so well. If they live up to expectations we could be .500 or better. The offensive look of the team has changed a bit. The team last year had a terrible run producing team. So to try and fix that K.C. went out and traded for or signed some guys with good eyes. The more on base the better. K.C. plans on not having the most powerfull lineup homerun wise. So getting people on base and timely hitting is what we are counting on. In the offensive lineup one new face will be taking the field. Rico Cole came over from San Diego and will be the starter for us. He won't belt as many homers as Deion did(K.C's old short stop). But with his 93 eye and 98 defense. He should field shortstop alot better.(Which is a very defense demanding position). And get on base alot more than Deiion did. Deion never came close to .320 OBP. And I look for Rico to get near a .350 obp. Plus Rico is cheaper. Also Sherry Riggs is coming off a terrible injury last year. I expect 30 homers from him. If things go as expected offensively We should be middle of the pack on runs per game(imo)... better than last. The pitching rotation strategy has changed big time. K.C. will try and run a 4 man rotation to start the season. And give their 2 long relievers soem innings. Which is why they signed Reid Gandy for so much money. He did very well for us before. Look for (ROY candidate)(imo) Torii Honeycutt to be a very good closer for us. With 4 really good pitches and control in the 90's hopefully he can live up to expectations. K.C. management thinks this year and beyond is promising. Even though we have to give up our 1st rounder to Houston from an earlier trade which brought young starter Reboulet here. Management would like to thank Houston for their patience with this 1st rounder I traded to them. Go Revolution.
  (3/29/2032)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - "It's tough to be frustrated after winning 304 games over the past three years, but that's what happens when you don't come through in the playoffs," said GM Eric Cunningham at the Whales press conference earlier today. "We feel like we've got a lot of the right pieces in place, but we're going to figure out what's holding us back."

One place to start looking will be the bullpen. San Diego has always prided themselves on being able to shut down opponents in the late innings, but last year it was a constant debacle. Cecil Osuna, who became the all-time single sesason saves leader for the Whales (50), was the only bright spot. Getting the ball from the rotation to Osuna was the biggest problem. Of the 7 arms that filled the gaps for most of the season, 4 finished with ERAs over 6.00 and 2 over 5.00.

The Whales are expected to scour the free agent market and trading paths with a purpose. If you're a GM with a decent reliever... expect a call.
  (10/24/2031)    (BEA) Bullies    For the 1st time in franchise history the Beantown Bullies have won the American League Pennant. "We tip our cap to Yukon and Granite City, those guys fought us tooth and nail, but we were able to power our way past them and get to the show. Our job is not done yet, we still have 4 more games to win, I promised the City of Boston a World Championship by the year 2032, so it's time to get it done now. We are heading in to another tough series against Pittsburg, so we have to keep swinging those hot bats, and hope to power our way past them." Said GM Michael Tuscano

The Bullies had to come back from being down 3-1 in the ALCS against a tough Granite City team, and managed to pull off the three straight wins by using that very powerfull lineup. The Bullies have so far scored 88 runs this postseason and belted 22 HRs.

There is speculation that future HOFer Ruffino Greer may retire at the end of the season, perhaps winning a second ring will make that decision for him. We caught up with Ruffino for comment, "I haven't really thought about it, I feel Beantown resurected my career, I thought I was done 2 years ago, but then I came back and had the 2 best season I've had in a long time. It would be nice to go out on top, but if I feel strong enough to play next season, I'll be back. Right now I just want to focus on winning 4 of the next 7 games, then I can figure out where I stand. One thing I know is that I'll miss this game greatly after I'm gone, it's a shame we've gotta get old, I wish I could play forever." If Greer does retire he will finish his career with 598 HRs, just 2 shy of the 600 club, however he will be a 1st ballot hall of famer.

  (10/6/2031)    (GB) Roaring Lions    End of Year evaluation for the Revolution: K.C. management wasn't happy with the way things turned out this year. Management thought for sure pitching was going to be strong for K.C. It didn't turn out that way. With no single starting pitcher finishing up with an era in the 4's. G.M. M.H. said" We gave up alot of talent to get these young starters with electric potential. But potential can be overated or they all badly underachieved" "Whatever it is.... K.C. is going to keep an eye on it and see where t goes from here." The rumor mill in K.C. says that one of the big three youngsters could be traded. K.C. will need another big boppin bat somewhere. Free Agency or trade. Overall grade for the team is a D. On a good note.. Management has given the 36 y/o 2nd baseman Edwin Vessell the team M.V.P. award. He batted .292 with a .356 obp. add on to that 40 stolen bases, 134 runs and 126 rbi's. Very good year Edwin.
  (7/8/2031)    (GC) Copperheads    Alfredo Jones wins #200!!!
  (6/8/2031)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Ownership for Kansas City has been busy since the offseason. Some fans are questioning the moves M.H. have made. This release is to tell them everything will be ok. We may not make the playoffs. But things are going in the right direction. After 50 or so games K.C. finds them far from first but getting better in their mind. M.H. says" I tried the small ball,average and speed game with no luck. Kansas City has one of the worst offenses in the game. So I went in the direction with some more power and keeping the 90 contact with good defense. M.H. replied" I wish the best of luck to all the late K.C. players who have left via trade this year.(And that's been plenty). The guy I will miss the most is Ricky Swartzbau. But Even with Power Hitter Sherry Riggs hurt for a while. K.C. has an abundance of outfielders. K.C. needed some power and a consistent 20 homerun hitting hopefully .275 average catcher with better than average defense. The players I traded I didn't see playing here next year. So I tried to trade for players who I would keep for a few years. Even if it hurts depth. Remember K.C. fans " Kansas City is trying to stay on a budget. Until we get to about 150 mill saved. Don't be surprised if there isn't a big shopping spree next year. But K.C. will always (try) to put out a good team.
  (4/2/2031)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Kansas City is excited to get this new year rolling. With some free agents and the early parts of the draft done. Kansas City is happy to say they feel competitive in a division with a team who has over 140mill in salary and the mighty Pitt team. Two teams that we're always solid. Even in the older dayswhen I owned and managed a different team. The first thing M.H. wanted was to add alot of speed and some D. Although Ricky Swartzbau is old and been around. He fits what we we're looking for. (Which might be the reason I drafted him back in ole days when I started playing). Besides a former Springfield Blaze named Ricky Swartzbau came another old timer who played for Springfield, Vince Sharon. He will be an automic fit in the 5 man rotation. As Swartzbau will be the leadoff man. As far as the draft goes, K.C. feels pretty solid with it. In a small draft class. We drafted two future starters. First a CF/1b who can play defense very well in either of those positions. And can hit for average..hopefully with his over 90 contact. He should be adequate on the basepaths also.The other future star is a middle relief pitcher who looks very solid. And K.C. looks for him to replace pricey free agent Livan Naulty (who has done very good for us) With possible free agents 1b Chan Ho Lopez and CF Ricky Swartzbau maybe not coming back next year. This gives us the option of playing a good player cheap for a few years and spending our money hopefully for some mega power and average on a corner 3rdbaseposition.
  (3/29/2031)    (BOS) Hammers    AP: Yukon City "Ice Keep Payroll High, Aim for Another Championship"

The Yukon Ice are paying a very high price for their recent success, especially in the starting rotation. The Ice are paying approximately $70 million to their starting rotation, and they expect results.

Ice Manager Jack London talked about his starters at the winter meetings this week. "Look, everyone knows Frankie [Ripken] had a rough year last season, but he's a professional and he knows that he has to put that behind him. We've got 2 Cy Youngs (Hal Marcum and Howard Drabek) and a former Rookie of the Year pitching for us. Not many teams can say that. I like our chances."

The Ice returned almost the entire team from the team that won 93 games and the AL Wildcard last season. The lone notable that didn't make the cut was former CF Ricky Swartbau. Replacing him will be 23 year old LF Fred Warner. London also addressed this decision. "We've decided to move Laferte to CF and try to utilize that big arm of his; we know he's had problems in the past fielding his position but we think that Fred and Marlin will be able to cover him pretty well. We hope to bring Ricky back at a more reasonable cap number later this season. He's been huge for use, but we have to work these young kids in too. He understands the business side of baseball."

The Ice open the season at Naperville. London did not comment on any offseason plans.
  (10/1/2030)    (PIT) Pickles    The Deer are partying in Arizona! The Deer have made it back to the playoffs after a one year absence.
  (7/18/2030)    (GB) Roaring Lions    The big changes have been made with one of them pending. One that went down yesterday saw young pitcher Bumb Reboulet come to K.C with some picks and a releiver for Catcher Derrick Hamelin. The next trade that is submitted at the present time and will be accepted soon is pitcher young control pitcher Egan coming to the squad. Hod daley the DH/SS will be going to Illinois. The management of K.C. would like to thank Houston and our inner conference rival Illinois for their willingness to get the trades done. M.H. had this to say about the last few frenzied days. " I see that the draft is not like in years past. Which is somewhat unfortunate for me. Seeing that we have 4 first round picks coming. But this decrease in talent should help the league as a whole in my opinion." Kansas City is excited to have acquired 2 pretty young starters who in my mind have the ace quality if they can just use their potential to 100%. Time will tell" In his first start for K.C. newly acquired pitcher from Houston Bump had a QS. Pitching 7 innings and giving up 2 runs. Kansas City/Tampa Bay is 11-11 since being bought from new ownership.
  (7/13/2030)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Look for some big changes in K.C. The news is there will be an ace. (maybe two) by mid week.
  (6/23/2030)    (GB) Roaring Lions    New ownership for the old Tampa Bay Tide wasted no time in moving the team. With the new owner being a midwest native. He couldn't think of a better place to move the team than to KC. KC took the old Tide with open arms. G.M. M.H said " I am happy that I was able to get this team." " Now that we have a new home ready for us, It's time to get the ball rolling." " I will look over the roster and see what needs to be done to get this team going in the right direction." Look for some changes in K.C."
  (4/3/2030)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - At a press conference held earlier today, the San Diego Whales were proud to announce that pitcher Chuck Abbey was the 2029 winner of the National League Cy Young Award. Coach Ahab gave a touching speech about Abbey's growth in his short career.

It's no secret that Abbey had been shopped around the YTR by the Whales the season before, but he battled through the adversity and came out with a contract extension with the Whales for $7.6 million. "This is as good as it gets for me," said Abbey. "After winning two World Series, to be named the best pitcher in the NL for the year was my next goal. And for management to reward me with the extension just shows me that they do care about me."

Contract extensions were most of the Whales offseason, though there was one deal after the draft. The Whales dealt a future 2nd round pick to Las Vegas for 3B Jeff Sandberg. "I'd like to keep this day about Chuckie, but we are definitely excited about bringing aboard the quality talent that Sandberg has proven to be," said GM Eric Cunningham.

Sandberg will be the Whales 3rd 3B in 3 years following Trey Tremie and TJ Mabry. The Whales have been quiet on most fronts this offseason, but they did complete a deal with Las Vegas for 3B Jeff Sanberg giving up a 2nd round draft choice in the 2031 draft.

  (4/3/2030)    (SA) Swamp Dragons    Hello, Fury faithful! It's time for another season of Fury baseball. Things are looking very good for the reigning division champs to repeat and make it to the series. Our pitching staff returns intact, led by reigning AL Cy Yong winner Cassidy. He gets help from the promising Wheeler, steady Oana, and saves leader Pose. This was the best staff in the AL last season and looks to be the same this year. The offence, led by all star Kerry Luzinsky, looks to be markedly improved. The mid season addition of Kid Horseman was a godsend, and a full season with him should be exciting. Rookie Doyle Franklin will be in at DH and has ROY written all over him. Add all this to the steady performances of Rick Boze and Kimera Rojas and the lineup is now as fearsome as our pitching. CCome on out to the ballpark and watch the new era of Florida baseball!
  (3/29/2030)    (SAV) Ducks    With the disaapointment of the season last year, Harvard did not need the off-season drama. The faults of the new stadium to be built in Harvard showed a fracture along the foundation that would not allow upper deck seating. The Harvard Chamber of Commerce discussed the problem ad instead chose to remodel the stadium to seat 13000 fans only, with 1000 tickets to be sold for standing room only. The Firebirds brought suit to the city and were released from the contract breach.

In a mad dash to ind somewhere to play for the new season and decade, the city of Savanna offered the Firebirds the use of their stadium. This was originally intended as a temporary solution, but when Harvard decided not to build a stadium suitable for YTL play, Savanna offered the franchise a 20-year lease to the stadium and a plan for an improved parking facility.

The multi-use stadium has an asymmetric design with 380 ft at left field, 401 in left-center, 420 in centerfield, 431 in right-center and 342 in right field. The field is grass with an extendable roof that covers the stands, but leaves much of the field open to the elements. The climate will be the biggest change as the move from Harvard will allow more evening games during the early season.

And the drama continued when rookie LF claimed that he would no longer play for the Firebirds unless they allowed him to fly to away games in his private jet rather than travel with the team. He also insisted on a separate training facility for his own personal use for the pre-season. This left the Firebirds with no choice but to move him to another franchise. Replacing him will be the speedy 2B Damon Javier from Granite City. The second baseman will be a real asset and has the guidance of veteran 2B Pop Coon who played several years when they were the Harvard Broncos.

The true test for the new Savanna team will come when the pitchers take the mound in the pitcher friendly park. They have a plethora of new talent picked up late last year in the free agent market as well as a few draftees. It will be interesting to see if the Firebirds will fare better this year and finally meet the expectations. The fan base in Savanna is very strong and the city seems to have welcomed this new team with a fervor that exceeds the complacency of Harvard. Ticket sales are brisk and the VIP seating has already sold out. That was a welcome change to the accounting department which had been struggling for corporate draw in Harvard.
  (10/25/2029)    (SAV) Ducks    The new stadium was supposed to open for public admission today. The 39,000 seat stadium was to be home for Harvard Firebirds for the next 12 seasons. This was done to appease the ownership of Harvard to keep the team in town. However, during the pre-opening inspection, a fault was found in the structural supports for the upper decks. Inspectors confirmed the fault and said that it stems from poor foundations.

With the old stadium being demolished over the weekend, the fault in the new stadium may make the stadium unlayable. Harvard may be looking for a new city to host the team. A possible solution would be to remove the upper deck seating from the stadium, and limit seating to 11 thousand seats and no lighting. But it seems more likely that the stadium would have to be demolished and completely rebuilt. If the inspectors determine that a complete rebuild will be required, the Firebirds may be forced to move to a new city for a minimum of 5 years.
  (10/25/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    30 Year Team: Continued (5th edition)

Pitcher: Isidro Clinton. Clinton was a relief pitcher for the deer from 2015-2018. Clinton is a one time allsrar and is best known for his 2016 season by setting the alltime Natil League record with a 2.48 ERA. He followed up that season with the 3.83 ERA in 2017.

Hitter: Cesar Acre. Acre has been a part of the deer since 2021. He is currently in the top 5 in runs, hits, doubles and stolen bases in deer history. Acre has led the NL in hits once in 2028. He is a 3 time allstar with two starts.
  (10/16/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    30 Year Team: Continued (4th edition)

Pitcher: Jim Ken Elliot. Elliot a closer for the deer from 2010-2016. He is second alltime in deer saves with 105. He has also appeared in over 490 games. In 2016 Elliot made his one and only allstar game appearnace and lead the league in saves. In 2015 Jim finished 9th in the NL in saves. His ERA is in the mid 3's making his one of the top 5 in deer history.

Hitter: Lafayett Loftus (2001-2009). Loftus is arguably the greatest hitter in deer history. He ranks 1st in triples, homeruns and stolen bases. He ranks in the top 5 in runs, hits, doubles, RBI, walks, and slugging percentage. Lafayett is a two time allstar(2005 and 2009). He lead the league in stolen bases in 2006 and 2001. In 2001 he also lead the league in hits. Every year of his career he placed in the top 7 in stolen bases, along with placing in the top 10 in runs 5 of his 9 years. He also currently ranks 9th alltime in stolen bases in the entire majors. He is the only deer player to have been considered for the HOF.
  (10/10/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    30 Year Team: Continued (3rd edition)

Pitcher: Johnny Potts. Potts was a relief pitcher for the deer from 2001-2003. He is the deers alltime leader in career ERA with a 3.32 ERA. In 2002 and 2003 Potts posted the second best ERA in the NL with a 3.05 and a 3.24 respectivly.

Hitter: Jerald Hurtado. Hurtado was the deer secondbaseman from 2018-2025. Duirng his years with the deer Hurtado collected 200 stolen bases, 17 triples, 1500 hits, 680 runs, and 589 RBI's. Hurtado ranks in the top 10 alltime for the deer in each of these catagories. Jerald was a 2 time allstar including a start during the 2019 allstar game. He lead the league in hits in 2021(which ranks 9th all time in the national league) with 237 which is tied for the deers alltime single season record.
  (10/7/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    30 Year Team: Continued

Pitcher: Lonell Macon. Macon is a starting pitcher for the deer. He started with the ballclub in 2024 and is currently a member of the team. Over the past 6 season Macon has collected 79 wins as a deer which ranks him 4th alltime. He is also tie for the alltime team lead in complete games with 15. In 2024 Macon was the league leader for starting pitchers in ERA with a 3.47 ERA. That same year he was invited to pitch in the Allstar game.

Hitter: Donnie Correia. Donnie was a firstbaseman for the dee from 2010-2017. Donnie ranks in the top ten as the deers alltime leader in runs, triples, homeruns, walks, and slugging percentage. He ranks in the top 5 in onbase percentage as well. He si the alltime leader in Homeruns, Hits walks and doubles for a deer 1st baseman.
  (10/4/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    30 Year Team: To celebrate the franchises 30th year in the league the Deer have decided to honor its greatest players over the past 30 years. One postion player plus a DH and 10 pitchers have been seleted for this honor. Check back frequently to so who else has made the team.

Pitcher: Terry Phillips. Terry was a starting pitcher for the deer from 2010-2017. Terry ramks 7th all-time in team wins at 74 and is in the top 10 in ERA, games started and complete games. He also ranks 6th alltime in strikeouts.

Hitter: Hi Bret Cox. Hi bret Cox was a Deer catcher from 2001 to 2004. Cox is the alltime leader in Career AVG .322 and Career OBP with .381. He was part of 2 division winners in 2001 and 2002. In 2002 Cox was second in the NL in batting average with a .352 mark which is also the teams alltime highest average in a single year. That same year he was 5th in hits. Cox also made some noise in 2001 when he placed 4th in NL batting average by hitting .321.
  (10/3/2029)    (SAV) Ducks    Today, the final day of the regular season, Harvard would like to announce the resigning of pitcher Wayne Shipley to a one year contract worth over $8 million. This is the most we have offered any pitcher in over 10 years. Along with the resigning of Homer Brazle, and several free agents at the end of the year, we now feel we have a pitching staff that could win games for us for many years to come.

In addition, we are looking forward to several rookies joining us next season. Some may be ready on opening day, some may come a little later in the season. As this decade closes and a new one begins, we are looking forward to bringing a new set of fans to the club, interested in the youth we are placing on the field mixed with a set of experienced veterans. We expect good things to come from next season, and are looking forward to all the new fans we will make.
  (9/16/2029)    (SA) Swamp Dragons    The Florida Fury would like to thank everyone who was willing to deal with us and make this season possible. We have NEVER been in the playoffs, and it looks as if that drought may finally end. We sincerely hope that those we dealt with see the same kind of returns that our organization has. Good luck to all as the postseason approaches. For once our team has something to play for.
  (9/6/2029)    (ROS) Revolution    The Toronto Blaze are definately better than expected this year. We only wanted to play near .500, but instead we find ourselves 18 games above .500 and the future only looks better! I had some good guys to play while my stars developped, but they played like stars... Biggio (96 77 81) hits .324 with 21 hr, 113 rbi, 30 sb and a .403 opb! He was hitting close to .400 past the mid-season. Also, DH Gray (95 73 80) hits .311 avg, 18 hr, 85 rbi and 25 sb out of second spot in the lineup. Rookie SS Woodall as been amazing hitting for a .299 avg, 42 hr and 124 rbi!! Leadoff hitter Jim Heredia is still the threat he always is: .301 avg, 64 sb and .366 obp. Now we even have some newly drafted players already becoming major leaguers and should be at full potentials for the beginning of the playoffs. P Magrane was drafted 18th overall and has been a great addition to our rotation, going 6-3 with a 3.30 era in 11 starts. 1B Giles, 2B Gastfield, RF Burich, RP Swift, RP Martin, RP Bonilla ... all are ready to help win some games. And our best move: Signing free agent closer Sergio Grimes! I've had trouble finding a guy that can do the job, after many failed (Gross, Belk, Parker...) we finaly found the one. He already picked up 14 sv and kept a WHIP of only 0.69 in 20 games. At 1.2M for the next 4 yrs, he's probably the best bargain out there, and it's one thing I don't have to worry about anymore... Having said all that, the rebuilding was quick in Toronto (it took 1 season) and now I really like our chances of winning lots of games starting right now ;-)
  (9/6/2029)    (SAV) Ducks    Harvard fired their head manager, DJ Vomit, today after a dismal season in which reliable pitchers seriously underperformed. His inexperience in dealing with the situation of shortstop accented the problem. In the end, there contract was revoked after it was determined that a winning season was completely out of reach. Rumours say that Hall of Fame pitcher Jerald Myatt would become the new head manager. His skill with pitching seems to be what is needed for Harvard to finally put together a team to win their division. Contractsw have not been signed yet, but it seems likely that the 49 year pitcher would give up a minor league pitching coach to lead a major league team.
  (8/17/2029)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA - Sabo making a comeback? Less than a month after Sabo threw in the towel, Dell has now decided he wants to pitch again. "I just love this game so much", Sabo said last night when he announced the suprising news. The Braves were very surprised, however overjoyed with his new decision. "Sabo was a really great guy, not to mention a top notch pitcher. Even though he is no where near what he used to be, I don't see why he can't pitch for us. We're in dead last anyway, might as well let him pitch some more before he changes his mind again. In other news, the Braves organization have announced the surprising acquirisations of pitcher A.J. Veres, outfielder Nixey Foley, and 3rd baseman Cory Cooke. GM Chambliss is quoted by saying, "It has occured to me that these three veterans have actually been improving since a few nights ago. They must be hitting the gyms again or something, because at the pace they are going at right now, they could be in full uniform by next season.
  (8/2/2029)    (IND) Silverfish    The Indy Silverfish made two last-minute trades with the Pirates last night. In the first, the 'Fish sent Scooter Benes to the Pirates for 2B Ladd. Indy didn't really need Ladd, but given the fact that many of the team's younger players will have expiring contracts after 2030, the team needed to exercise some financial restraint on borderline $5-6 million roster spots. The second trade with the Pirates involved sending Chip Alfonzo, a solid contact hitter and defender, for Kimera Randa (SP since cut), and Tim Assenmacher. Assenmacher, who is still only 25, is being viewed as a long reliever and spot 5th starter for the Silverfish for the future. Again, Alfonzo was highly valued by the team, but with the glut of young outfielders, the front office could not justify giving Alfonzo a big raise for 2030.
  (7/28/2029)    (IND) Silverfish    Surprising move for the Silverfish! After years of playing baseball in the greater St. Louis area, the Silverfish finally locked down the much-rumored move to Indianapolis. GM Joe had this to say: "After more than 17 seasons in St. Louis, the Silverfish and the city of Indianapolis came to an agreement which will move the team to the Circle City. We cannot thank St. Louis enough for their support." On a side note to the agreement with Indianapolis, the Silverfish sneakily included a paragraph that would allow the team to move BACK to St. Louis should attendance in Indy not be acceptable to the team.
  (7/28/2029)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon City "Yukon Making Push to Postseason"

The Yukon Ice are apparently not giving up the AL Central without a fight. Yukon Ice GM Sean Laferte announced the acquisition of OF Andres Ausiano from Phoenix today. "This was a spur of the moment 3 team deal that just kind of worked itself out. We weren't really shopping Derrick (Ice SP Derrick Sanders) but when it became apparent that we had a shot at Andres we felt like it was a necessary move for us. Whether we like it or not, this is a business and we felt that economically it made sense for us to make this move especially after signing Ripken the other day. We wish Derrick nothing but the best in San Diego. That young man should win a Cy Young before he's done.

Sanders was caught a little off guard by the move. "Well...I don't know what to say. I'm going to miss these guys but it's always a good feeling to go to a defending 2-time champion. I haven't played real well this season but I think I'm just missing my spots. I'll bounce back."
  (7/28/2029)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - The Atlanta Braves have made yet another transaction just before the deadline closed out. The Braves acquired Toros outfielder Alan Bella for a first round pick, starting pitcher Felipe Masteller, and outfielder Alex Macfarlane. Ever since the Braves traded outfielder Ed Gainer to the Astros in the beginning of the 2028 season, the Braves have been short of a good outfielder. They've tried using Dennis Lima, Sergio Timmons, Julio Caminiti, and Kirk Buhner, but all with no success. "I am very pleased with our transaction for Bella. We've had our eye on him since he was drafted, and now we finally have him in our clubhouse", says GM Chambliss.
  (7/28/2029)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - At the 2029 trade deadline, a deadline that most Whale fans thought would pass quietly, the San Diego front office pulled the trigger on a 3-team deal that landed Derrick Sanders from Yukon. The Whales parted ways with relievers Dick Oravetz and Francisco Roper, as well as, starter Robb Howell and a first round pick.

"We've been persistently working on bringing Sanders to San Diego for some time," said GM Eric Cunningham. "Unforntuately, we were never able to part with a big bat that Yukon was searching for. Once Phoenix stepped into the picture all of the pieces fit into place. We feel like we gave up a lot of young arms, but Phoenix had to part with one hell of a bat, and the depth will really help them in the rebuilding effort. We hold no ill will towards any of the men we dealt. It's just business."

Sanders, who is suffering his worst season in the bigs, will ease his way into the Whales lineup. "We're going to work with him a lot and see if we can correct any problems that my have risen," said coach Ahab. "We're going to give him a start this week and rest Ramon (Guerrero). After that, we'll see what happens."
  (7/18/2029)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - The Braves organization have announced today, July 18, 2029, that Dell Sabo has officially ended his career as a pitcher. The 37 year old has been complaining of arm strain his past three starts, and after his last start on the 14th of July, he has decided to finish his career while he was still ahead. He threw 4.1 innings of work, giving up 5 runs on 6 hits, walking one and striking out one. "I'm just not the same pitcher as I used to be back when I was with Pittsburg", he is quoted saying. However Sabo currently has the best ERA on the whole team, with an ERA of 4.82. "It's very shocking", says GM Chambliss. "That fact makes me look bad as a manager. However the Atlanta Braves organization as a whole is gonna miss Sabo's help and leadership. He's a hard person to replace." Sabo has also been trying to make his mark in the record books. He was 12 wins away from being tied with Yukon's Archie Gainer at the number 30 all time record for most wins at 183. "I just don't have enough energy in me to keep starting anymore. I have been having trouble lately making it past 5 innings every start. I think 171 wins is enough for me."
  (7/18/2029)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon City "Ice Favorite Son Gets Homecoming!"

Frank Ripken is coming back to the team that drafted him and from the looks of it the player and team appear extremely happy. "Man, I hated to leave here, but the front office just didn't have the money to keep me (after the 2026 season). I know it's just business, but my I felt a piece of me stayed here. I can't wait to get back and see Sandy (Ice SP Derrick Sanders), Buffalo Bill (1B Jim Kelly), Kingfish (LF-Marlin Frazier), and the Duck (SP Howard Drabek). We all kind of came up together so it's awesome to play with them for another season or so.

The team is just as pleased at their new prize. Ice GM Sean Laferte had this to say: "Well, it's no secret that Frank is a phenomenal pitcher. The AL Central has turned into the most competitive division in the YTR over the last few years and we believe that Frank can be the anchor to an extremely talented staff. He's always been productive here and I expect more of the same. Frankie might be our 3rd Cy Young...who knows!

The deal also brought in 26 year old SP Sam Sojo. Sojo has seen limited duty in his two seasons in the YTR. The Ice expect to try him in their beleaguered bullpen.
  (7/13/2029)    (SA) Swamp Dragons    Floridas GM has released a statement on the trade front citing they are willing to part with their 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th rd picks in return for a SS anywhere under 30 that has solid fielding stats and some speed. He dosent have to be a banger or a 90+ Ch guy. All offers will be reviewed immediately. Thank you sincerely, Florida GM Anderson.
  (7/13/2029)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Rookie left-hander Scott Zahn was called up from AAA Lexington to make his first start against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Zahn went 6.2 innings, allowed 2 ER, and received a no decision while the Whales went on to win a 4-3 game in 15 innings.

"I don't know if it showed out there or not but I was pretty nervous," said Zahn. "I was told I would be on the fast track since the Whales picked me in the first round. I figured they just told that to everyone, but it's been a whirlwind going from draftee to MLB starter in under 3 months."

7-2 Robb Howell was pulled from the rotation to make room, but has been left without a place himself. For now, rumors are swirling he might be dealt since the bullpen is crowded as is. He might stick around as a spot starter and share the role with Zahn. Time will tell.

The Whales also wanted to publicly celebrate the naming of 3 Whales to the National League All-Star team. All three will be making their first appearance. Chuck Abbey, 11-3 3.55 ERA, will be starting the Midsummer Classic for the National League. New Whales closer, Cecil Osuna (18 SVs 1.64 ERA) will be waiting in the bullpen and battery mate/leadoff man Michael Senerchia (.315-14 HR-51 RBI-33 Steals) was named as a reserve.
  (7/13/2029)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - In an effort to try to break the Braves loosing streak, GM Chambliss decided to sign three new players to the organization, J.R. Mieske, Rikkert Nelson, and Joe Boggs. Boggs, who played with the Braves organization the past two years, didn't get resigned over the offseason and was put on the market, however noone was interested in him. "I thought that Boggs was a really good hitter for our team while he was here", says GM Chambliss. "We saw him in the free agents and decided that we could use his experience again." The team also signed 2nd baseman Rikkert Nelson, who spent the past nine years playing for St. Paul. Nelson hasn't hit as well as he once did the past five years, but the Braves are willing to give him a second chance to change himself around. For pitching help, the Braves signed starter J.R. Mieske, who has played for DC all his career. "Mieske has had a pretty good career so far in my opinion, and I think that he can help out in Atlanta and try to get our organization back on the right track."
  (6/18/2029)    (PIT) Pickles    Illinois: Commotion was being heard from inside the Deer locker room today. The Deer announced that they have traded center fielder Brien Belliard and thier second rounder for former MVP and one time Deer Pat Gott.

Gott is a huge pick up for this team, he is a slugger and will improve our fielding out in center.
When asked why Gott was traded away in the 2022 season: We were paying him 50 million and we could just not afford him. Today his contract is lower and much more affordable.
Upon leaving Belliard gave his thanks to the team and management. "This has been a great 6 and a half years. I was able to play on some great teams and even got the chance to play in a WS. I look to help LA out every way I can.
  (5/4/2029)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - The Braves have announced today that LF Johnny Sanford has been traded to the Smithton Jaguars for their first round pick. "Sanford looked like a great hitter", says GM Chambliss, "however our outfield is very crowded and I wasn't sure if Sanford would get enough playing time. I decided that Atlanta was going to try to pick up another 1st round pick to try and get another player similar to Sanford, but who plays an infield position. I saw that the Jaguars could use some help out in the outfield, and it turns out they did, so Sanford now has a Jaguars uniform on."
  (5/4/2029)    (IND) Silverfish    The St. Louis Silverfish announced today that they have traded Rheal Navarro, the team's young but veteran 2B to Pittsburgh for, Geronimo Karchner, Vince Hoffman (subsequently released) and some 2nd-day draft picks. GM Joe had this to say: "Well, obviously Navarro has been very productive for us out of the second base position, and he looks to have an excellent career going forward. But, as I see the current league landscape, teams that win aren't those that have high OBP or really good pitching--they are the teams that can batter opponents with homeruns. Karchner, a former 1st round draft pick, provides 30+ homerun power. We hope that Karchner can team with free agent acquisition Moose Radinsky to drive in our high-contact remaining lineup." Coach William Wallace had this to say: "Hmmm...I wonder how much longer I have to coach a perennial loser?"
  (4/19/2029)    (SA) Swamp Dragons    In the interest of reinventing this franchise, we have changed the name of the team to the Fury. We believe the name reflects our new commitment to winning as well as the frustration of our fans these past few seasons.
  (4/14/2029)    (BEA) Bullies    "With the 7th pick in the 2029 MLB Ammy draft the Beantown Bullies select SP Russ Zaun."

Not only did Zaun drop to #7 overall, but he was the 3rd pitcher taken in this years ammy draft. GM Tuscano was extatic to see Zaun's name still in the draft pool when the #7 pick came up, he was actually so surprised that he had to call and make sure Russ was still alive and healthy.

We caught up to Tuscano for comment, "I thought for sure he would go #1 or #2, we were actually considering trying to make a deal to move up to be able to grab him, but after realizing we would probably have to give up picks #7 and #27 to get into the top 2 we decided to stay put. I was hoping we could pick up Abbie Robinson at #7 and Freddy Sabo at #27, however both players went before Zaun, #4 and #3 respectively. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out, we expect Zaun to be the anchor of our rotation for many years and look at him as our future franchise player. It's unfortunate that we were unable to land Sabo as well, he was highly rated by our scouting staff, but now's not the time to be too greedy. All in all it was a great draft day in Beantown, We got the player that we feel was the best in the draft class, and we were able to pick up a few more players that we feel will be big contributors to our quest for a World Championship."

  (3/29/2029)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - As "Back-to-Back" chants filled the Whales locker room, Head Coach Ahab sat on a stool in his office watching his men poor champagne over each other. "I just want to take this all in," he said calmly. "This just doesnt happen, especially since the rules changed in '21. I didn't want to jinx the team, but I couldn't help but look it up. It was the '17-'18 Braves that was the last back to back champ. To be in the same breath with them is just.. well, breathtaking."

Pitcher Jim Gott, who was named World Series MVP, was busy pouring the bubbly all over Damian Maddern, but stepped away to offer this quote, "Three peat anyone?"
  (10/30/2028)    (BEA) Bullies    The Beantown Bullies have announced today the hiring of new manager David "Big Papi" Ortiz. The former Red Sox slugger has become the 2nd manager in Bullies history. Ortiz has brought on former SS Julio Lugo as his bench coach, former C Miguel Olivo as his hitting coach, and former P Guillermo Mota as his pitching coach.
  (10/18/2028)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon City: Ice Attempt to Light a Fire.

In an effort to stimulate some offense, Buck London called out his offense. "We've got to see a whole lot more from 7 of these guys. This is the playoffs, it's what they've been working and fighting for all year long. We can't just give it all away now. Chad (Ausmus), Jim (Kelly), and Rufino (Greer) just aren't seeing the ball well. They're not being patient and they're making bad decisions at the plate. 'Fino and Chad have been here before and they know what it takes to win championships. I need these veterans to step it up and lead."

  (10/12/2028)    (SAV) Ducks    It was a difficult decision, but we have decided to offer DJ Vomit a second season to run the team. Of course, he won't be on his own. We observed the way he handled the fielding and batting, but his mishandling of the pitching staff was terrible. Because of this, we are going to hire a new pitching coach who will have co-management responsibilities in so far as the pitching decisions are concerned.

On the otherhand, I think it will be readily apparent that his management style extended into the stands, and most fans will tell you that the improvements in the atmosphere made the games much more enjoyable to watch and attend. For these reasons, we have decided to keep DJ Vomit, and to build in a way that will bring the pitching back to the standards of 2 years ago.
  (10/12/2028)    (BAR) River Dogs    Since we moved to St. Paul we have had nothing but forward momentum and mangament would like that to continue. We Raised are fan base and attendance by over 4,000 in our short time here and we have posted three consecutive winning seasons and a playoff apperance. Renegades ownership has an eye on payroll but wants to remain a contender. They have given the ok to add some payroll but may need to be more creative via trade. With no first round pick to work with after a deadline deal with SD, Renegades management wants to let the league know that no one is untouchable if it betters the team either now or down the road. We are not all that enamored with this years draft so aquiring ready to go unproven players that may be ready at the start of next year for young higher salared proven talent here in ST. Paul may be the way to go. STP is just letting the league know that they'd like to be creative and active if anyone is interested in the offseason. Ownership feels very happy about the product going out there as is but would like to be constructive in the offseason and maybe get some key pieces for a star rather than go out in free agency in what is usually a crazy bidding war for one player. Any interest would be treated with a fair review.
  (10/3/2028)    (IND) Silverfish    GM Joe is pleased to announce that Manager William Wallace WILL be back for the 2029 season. "I definitely feel that Wallace did a great job this season. It was only the team's second winning record in the last 8 seasons, but with such an amazingly young roster, Wallace really proved his metal." The 2028 Silverfish finished second in the AL in runs scored despite having no true power hitters. The team relied again upon small-ball, good OBP and speed. The 'Fish did, however, manage to have 4 hitters clear 100 RBI for the season, so things are looking up for the future. If the pitching can get straightened out a bit, the Silverfish might be able to contend within the next year or two.
  (10/3/2028)    (NY) Mets    All:

I (YKN Ice) have purchased this team for my brother in law, Stu. I'm not sure when he'll begin taking things over, but I wanted to let everyone know that I will not be making any moves as the Owner of this team. Stu should log on within the next couple of days and I'll try to walk him through the draft process as much as possible. Because this is such a good league and because teams generally fill up immediately I thought it would be better for me to snag it when I could.

Also, I wanted to make sure that full disclosure was made so that any future deals between PHX and YKN would be viewed on the up and up. Thanks!

  (10/3/2028)    (BEA) Bullies    The Beantown Bullies have announced today that Manager Luis Alicea has been terminated from his position, and the entire coaching staff has also been released. "It was a very dissapointing season in Beantown, I feel that the coaching staff cost us at least 15 wins due to poor decisions." Stated GM Tuscano. "We will be conducting interviews over the next few days and hope to have a replacement in time for our offseason aquisitions."
  (10/1/2028)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After one of the best season's in franchise history, San Diego fell back to the pack in 2028. While the playoffs looked out of reach a few weeks ago, the Whales were able to play solid ball down the stretch and squeak out a second straight division crown.

"We tried hard not to listen to what the media was saying about us and keep our eyes on the prize," said OF Damien Maddern. "It's tough when people are telling you that we're 'so much worse than last season' and whatever, but you can't focus on that. We had some serious ground to make up, and we did it. I think it shows the character of this team."

Coach Ahab was less surprised. "This team has been through a lot of adversity this year, but we have a quality veteran presence in this clubhouse that can take control. Guys like Damien, KP (Kent Powell), and Jimmy Gott bring much more to the team than a strong game. These guys really pulled it together down the stretch."

San Diego will travel to Illinois for game one of the NLDS.
  (10/1/2028)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - As the season unfolds to the last two games of the season against the Cleveland Indians, the Braves are unhappy to hear that their playoff attempt has been unsuccessful this year. "We're completely disappointed", says starting pitcher Moose Snopek, whom the Braves acquired over the offseason last year from the Houston Astros. The Braves, after having a horrible first half of the season, come back from the All-Star Break and have a much better second half. "It seemed like everyone finally fixed their issues on the field and in the batting box. Justin Smoke, who entered the All-Star break with an ERA over 8, has finished the season with a 5.75 ERA, not to mention he went 7-1 in that stretch. "Smoke did an incredible job with our organization by simply showing us that he CAN get the job done. At the All-Star break, we weren't sure whether or not he was going to be with our organization or not", said GM Chambliss. "We are now proud to announce that he will be staying with the Braves."
  (9/26/2028)    (GB) Roaring Lions    It's been swell all - no more time to devote to the game. good luck to all.
  (8/27/2028)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish, in an effort to keep afloat their dimming 2028 playoff hopes, have signed two 30 year-old veteran relievers. Otis Bare was signed for the league minimum for 2 years, as was Delino Morandini. Silverfish fans cheered the signing of Morandini, as did manager William Wallace. "We had this guy (Morandini) for several years and he was rock-solid as a long reliever and spot starter. Both guys bring much better control than many of the pitchers in our 'pen, so we're gonna give this 2028 playoffs push one more shot." Wallace received a vote of confidence from GM Joe, which, of course, caused Wallace to cringe.
  (8/7/2028)    (PIT) Pickles    Yet another post deadline deal: For the second year in a row the Deer have delt away thier top draft picks for a top player. The Deer have aquired Ed Cox a former first round pick of the Deer.
  (7/23/2028)    (YKN) Huskies    LA management is putting Patt Gott on the block hours before the deadline. The price is steep as he is a proven producer and can vault a team into the playoff mix or put one over the top. The reason I am asking for such a high price is that with him I belive I can contend next year, without him I can't. He is aging but someone can pick him up for the stretch run and have another full campaign with him next year. I am asking for a 1st rounder in return. There are three interested teams right now and I'll ship him to the team with the best offer, or higher draft pick of my liking or package in general. If I can't get a 1st rounder for him then I'll happily keep him for a run next year. Without him I'm rebuilding. Thanks for any offers-LA Management
  (7/13/2028)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish announce that they made a trade today...."We sent our 2029 8th round draft pick to Beantown for the expiring contract of 2019 Cy Young Award winner Richie Trippy, stated Joe, the team's GM. "Trippy wasn't somebody we were targeting, but when Beantown threw his name out there for basically peanuts, we couldn't send out the offer quickly enough. We don't expect Trippy to dominate at this point of his career, but we do hope that maybe he can shore up the back end of the rotation. Nothing against Ross Mondesi, who for now has shifted to the long man role, but we're still in this race and we wanted a veteran presence."
  (7/3/2028)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - The Fourth of July is tomorrow, which means the half way point in the season is nearing, and so far, Atlantas chances of making the playoffs aren't looking too good. "I'm concerned with the fact that it seems like no one is really producing on the team. The best hitter currently is Kirk Buhner, who wasn't even expected to play much this season. I have second thoughts about him now," says GM Chambliss. Buhner, who the Braves acquired from Houston, is replacing the slugger Ed Gainer. "I was very concerned with starting Buhner in the outfield, but he has proved himself. He may have earned himself a long term comittment with the Braves organization." As for the rest of the lineup, it has been very inconsistent, with many of the hitters underproducing, such as Cook, who is projected to hit an all time low 30 homeruns by the end of the season. Also Walt Houston hasn't been at top notch this season. "I've been doing very poorly these last two seasons with the Braves. I'm hoping I can get myself out of this slump," Houston said. As for the rotation, its an even worse situation. GM Chambliss is quoted by saying, "This is probably been the worst rotation I've ever managed, not because they can't get the job done, but because they aren't trying hard enough. We probably have one of the best pitching staffs rating wise, but with actual stats, we have suffered." The best starter currently is Moose Snopek, who is only pitching a 4.74 ERA, which is just average. "The starters are doing horrendous," says Chambliss. "Smoke has an ERA over 8 right now, and the rest of the guys are in the same boat he is in. They just aren't producing. Hopefully we can get it together before the season ends and make a run for Yukon."
  (6/30/2028)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon City "Joel Wilson Impressive in Ice Debut!"

3B/DH Joel Wilson was acquired earlier this week from the Edmonton Trappers for young pitcher SP Mo Nilsson and a 3rd round draft pick. Proving he was worth the steep pricetag, Wilson went 10-19 in his first 4 games in a Yukon uniform while blasting a stunning 3 homers and driving in 9 runs. "I'm thrilled to have been able to hit the ground running here, but frankly this is what I do. I'm a two time All Star (2023 & 2027) so I have high expectations on myself. Of course, in this lineup anyone is going to be pretty d*** good. I'm excited to see what this offense can do over the rest of the season."

The trade for Wilson came as a bit of a shock to the Yukon faithful since offense didn't seem to be the team's weakest link. Despite the strong performance of Yukon's ace Derrick Sanders, the pitching staff has struggled with consistency this season.

"We've been actively trying to upgrade the pitching depth but there just weren't any options on the market at this time. With ATL and CLE doing so much to improve their rotations, we knew we had to do something to be competitive. When Joel became available we decided that we'll try to fight good pitching with dominating hitting. With Rufino getting hot, Joey (CF Joe Bragg), Jim and Chad hitting like we knew they could and Marlin being the man in the middle...this lineup is scary good."
  (5/29/2028)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales announced the signing of shortstop Marv Pina last night. Pina has been one of those guys to bounce around the league, but has always contributed no matter what type of offense. In 2025, Pina played 86 games during the back half of the season with San Diego, batting .305 with a .342 OBP, while stealing 11 bases in 15 attempts. Coach Ahab is expecting much of the same.

"Terric Taylor is still the shortstop of the future," Ahab said at an earlier press conference. "We just felt that bringing in a player of Pina's ability never hurts a ballclub. His leadership will be a welcome presence in the clubhouse."

Terric Taylor was less pleased, "I know this game is a business, but it doesn't mean it doesn't burn when your team goes out of their way to find a player at your position. I've been promised that I'm going to get plenty of opportunities to play here, so, at this point, all I can do is try to earn that job back."
  (4/24/2028)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES - Nineteen games into the new year, and Atlanta is looking pretty rocky so far. GM Chambliss doesn't seem too concerned however. "Yeah, the team stinks so far", he said last night, " however, I have seen a lot of good things thus far. I'm pleased with Cooney's four homeruns so far. I told him that he's gonna have to take two steps up this year because of the recent trade involving Gainer to go to Houston. I knew Gainer's loss is going to hurt us offensively, but I have confidence in Cooney, and despite his poor average, the four homeruns does mean a lot." Overall hitting and pitching for the Braves is in dead last in both categories, however GM Chambliss thinks that they will get back on the right page as the season unfolds.
  (4/19/2028)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish made a big splash (somebody is going to be fired for that pun) in the trade market, sending their 2029 1st round pick to Toronto for 23-year old SP Brett Branson. "It's a big gamble," said Coach William Wallace, "giving up a first rounder for an unproven pitcher, but the tools are there to be at least a # 2. The front office, though, felt like it was time to really and truly bulk up the starting rotation." The Silverfish envision a rotation of Gil Aude, Daulton, Brito, Branson and, eventually, Ross Mondesi making up one of the AL's strongest staffs by the 2nd half of the 2028 season. "If this don't work," Wallace said, "nothin' will. Oh, and I'll be fired and replaced by a mannequin."
  (4/19/2028)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - "With Haworth needing some time off, we've decided to bring up Barry Pulliam and Johnny Patek to the bigs. They are going to get thrown right into the fire. We did not expect either of them to be ready until later in the year, but they should some pop in spring training and the first few weeks in AAA." says the Jags GM. Pulliam and Patek are slated to start tonight's game.
  (4/19/2028)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After a rocky start, Scotty Allensworth has been taken out of the starting rotation. Coach Ahab broke the news that rookie Robb Howell, recently acquired from Las Vegas, will be getting his first chance to pitch at the major league level.

"Scotty's doing fine. He's just starting slow, it happens to the best of them," said Ahab. "We're going to give him more work on the side. The consistency of pitching more often will help him get back in the swing of things. We 100% expect him to play a major role for this team."

Rumors have circulated that Allensworth is available for trade, but nothing concrete has been admitted by the front office.
  (4/14/2028)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales announced the signing of veteran pitcher Tripp Wallach today. After pitching his entire career in St. Louis, Wallach will make the jump to the National League as a 6th starter and bullpen arm.

"Wallach is the perfect fit for our team," said GM Eric Cunningham. "After watching Al Griffey step up and dominate at age 36 last season, we felt that we lacked a veteran arm that could use his experience to help us in the long haul. Wallach may be on that same track. He's always been a solid contributor for St. Louis, no matter where they put him, and we think he could do the same in San Diego."

A seemingly rejuvenated Wallach showed off his new jersey at a press conference earlier today. "I'd like to thank the fans in St. Louis for always sticking by me, but at this point in my career, it was time to make a change. I'm looking forward to helping out my new team however I can."

St. Louis will visit San Diego for three games from August 8th through the 10th. You can bet Wallach has those dates circled.
  (4/4/2028)    (IND) Silverfish    The St. Louis Silverfish are pleased with the results of the recently-concluded 2028 amateur draft. From what was an admittedly weak talent pool, the Silverfish got what they were looking for. With a roster full of young, high-upside hitters, the team needed to address its pitching. "I really like the future for Johnny Gil Aude, Vito Brito, Mariano Daulton and Ross Mondesi. We've got youngster Mac Coomer as well, and veteran Derek Batista to help as well. But we needed a couple of guys with some upside and better control than our team usually possesses, so we went hard after Brick Sherlock and Leo Wehner this year, and we were fortunate to grab them in the 1st and 2nd rounds. I like the way that's gonna look in 2029 and 2030." The Silverfish also picked up future CF William Ware (2nd round) and RP Thomas Berroa (5th) round, among others, so the future is looking bright and hopeful.
  (3/29/2028)    (SAV) Ducks    DJ Vomit, the de facto winner of the Fox TV Special "So you want to be a Manager", has chosen to rename the Harvard Broncos. The team, now known as the Harvard Firebirds, will take the field in new uniforms. The colours, changed from brown and gold, has been reworked into a brilliant red and gold.

"I was amazed at the circumstances that brought about my success in the TV show. But that doesn't mean I have no intention of doing my best to get this team moving forward. They haven't had a winning season in about 5 years, and that will be changed this season. In addition, the old format of focusing on the aging fan is being changed. We have added a night-club atmosphere to the Premium Club seating. In addition, I have upgraded the sound susyem so that everyone can hear. I have restructured the music and hope to make this the most enjoyable place to watch baseball. This will still be a season of change, but as the sun begins to darken early, I expect to be in a position to contend for at least a wild-card spot. This will be many of our players first opportunity to play in the post-season, and that should be motivation enough to get them there."
  (3/29/2028)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - For the second time in 4 seasons, the San Diego Whales can call themselves World Series Champions! Down 3 games to 2, pitchers Jim Gott and Harmon Raabe put together fantastic back-to-back performances on the mound getting the Whales over the top.

"Granite City is one hell of an organization," said Coach Ahab. "They gave us a run for our money, and when we had to travel to their house for games 6 and 7 after being swept at our own place, well.. let's just say we had to dig real deep and find the faith we had in ourselves."

"We feel a really strong base has been built in San Diego," said GM Eric Cunningham. "We've got a nice variety of power and speed throughout the lineup, rotation, and bullpen, as well as some hot prospects and solid veterans. We're hoping this team can compete for many more years to come."

Individual congratulations have gone out to 2027 NL Cy Young winner Ramon Guerrero and NL rookie of the Year Jeff Hartley. When asked about their seasons, Coach Ahab remarked, "We wouldn't be near the quality of team we are now without them. They are truly talented individuals on and off the field."
  (10/10/2027)    (IND) Silverfish    Another season with no playoffs for the Silverfish. On the positive side, however, the extremely young team made major strides on offense, and it may have found some starting pitching help in Johnny Gil Aude. The front office is hoping that the 2028 draft will fill in some holes to push the team to the playoffs sometime within the GM's lifetime.
  (10/7/2027)    (GC) Copperheads    "We have bases loaded with no body out and could only get one run across. Give Granite City credit, they had to win two games and they did."
  (10/1/2027)    (GC) Copperheads    CHICAGO (AP) - "We put a wrench in Cincy's plans. Too bad we still won't make the playoffs." was all that the Riverman could say after there sweep of Cincy. Two games to play and its all tied up.
  (10/1/2027)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES- With two games left in the regular season, the Atlanta Braves have clinched the playoff spot in the AL Central division. "This has certainly surprised me." said GM of the Atlanta Braves. "Coming into this season, I wasn't sure we had that opportunity ahead of us. We were predicted to come in 3rd after Yukon and Cleveland." This Atlanta Braves team, who used to be the dominating force in the AL Central league, has been absent from the playoffs since 2022. These last few years after that, the Braves have been everything but good. The team's bad luck started with Jon Anderson's retirement after the 2022 season. "Once he (Anderson) decided to retire, I knew Atlanta was going to have some hard years ahead" says the GM. "However I wasn't going to give up there. I knew that I was going to do all it took to get this team back into the playoffs." Now the question is, how far into the playoffs does Atlanta expect to get? "That is a very tough question." said the GM as he wipes some sweat from his cheek. "Most of these guys haven't ever been into the playoffs. The scary thing is, only three of my current hitters have been to the playoffs, each having gone once. Walt Houston played remarkably well with the San Diego Whales in the playoffs in 2024, (Joe) Boggs has been seven times, including just this past year with Las Vegas and Cincinatti, and Rudy Edwards went in 2023 with the Edmonton Trappers. Other than that, all my other hitters have not ever experienced the playoffs, which is a scary thought. However with my rotation, seven of my ten pitchers have seen quite a bit of playoff experience, so I'm not as worried about them, even though the rotation did have a worse season than the lineup did." The GM is right. Out of the 25 players on the major league roster, only 10 of them have ever been to the playoffs before. Talk about unprepared. The GM is also quoted however by saying this, "Even though my players do not have much experience if any at all in the playoffs, I still have every confidence in them that they will play their hearts out. This team won the AL Central division for a reason. That reason is they are good enough to play in the playoffs. And even if they don't get past the divisional playoffs, I'm gonna still be proud as can be of them."
  (9/26/2027)    (SAV) Ducks    Thursday night's Fox series "So you want to be a manager?" whittled down the number of contestants to four. One more week would have whittled them down to three before the two hour series finale. But that all changed on Sunday when Harvard City Police raided the SYWTBAM Mansion and arrested two of the contestants, a cameraman, and assistant producer for conducting sports betting scams from the mansion. Werner Gerhardt, the front-runner through most of the season, and Antoine Howard, the Michigan State senior were the two contestants who started the betting scam. Cameraman Willie Jordan and producer Lisa Magreshti were later included in the scam.

This leaves the show in difficult situation. With two weeks to go there are only two remaining contestants. YTL Harvard owners have said that "Any contestants with existing felony charges placed against them will be excluded from remaining shows and cannot win the managerial spot." This leaves only DJ Vomit and Toredo Carnacion as the remaining contestants. Toredo has twice been turned down for a work visa and may not be able to secure one before the start of next season.
  (8/22/2027)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales front office has attempted to maintain a pretty quiet front over the past few weeks in an attempt to keep the clubhouse, and management, free from distraction. GM Cunningham made one final move at the trade deadline that went under the radar (the three team deal that brought Ross Gagne to San Diego) and has made a handful of moral boosting free agent acquisitions.

Former Whales Erik Gagne, Jermane Franco, and Heath Alomar were all offered contracts to reunite with teammates from years passed. Alomar and Gagne were both let go in their contract years after talks halted and Franco had been begrudgedly dealt to Toronto. All three signed 4 year contracts with the Whales.

"I was very excited to come back to San Diego," said Gagne. "I have a home here, and I have always wanted to be here. I left at the end of last season knowing it was a business and I would have to move on; but I was ecstatic that San Diego was one of the teams that came calling for my services. It was a no brainer."

  (8/17/2027)    (SAV) Ducks    Today, Harvard signed their all-star CF to another 1 year contract extension. Additionally, they have pulled 2 players out of the starting lineup after suffering injuries play 1B. This is the third injury Harvard has had at 1B, the second after Burba was traded away for future prospects. First base is proving to be a hazardous place for young players. In other news, episode 1 of "So you want to be a manager?" premiered on Sunday, actually preempting the Harvard home game. 56 managers tried out for the position of YTR manager and the show reduced the number to 10 in a process of elimination. So far, the two front runners are a mid-western farmer named Werner Gerhardt and Tim Basco aka DJ Vomit. Both showed strong knowledge of the game. Werner showed excellence in his clothes washing abilities, while DJ Vomit showed great skill in motivational speaking. The next show will also preempt the teams away game, as the final 10 will be reduced to 8 through viewer voting.
  (8/12/2027)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - Drastic Roster Moves

We decided to let some veterans test the waters. We were unable to move these guys, but wanted to give them a chance to catch on to a playoff team. If not, we may try and resign them to cheaper contracts.
  (8/2/2027)    (PIT) Pickles    (Illinois) Post deadline deal: The Deer are excited to annouce a deal made a few days after the "offical" trade deadline.
"Luckily we had some offers on the table after the deadline and we were able to work out a deal. Brien Burba is an amazing pick up for us. He will add another power bat in an already powerful lineup. Giving up Cassidy was not easy for us, but when Brien became available we just had to get him. We also gave up our rounds 1-3 draft picks in this years draft. We really wanted to move our picks to better us for our playoff push. I feel we have suceeded in doing this."
  (7/23/2027)    (BOS) Hammers    (7/23/2027) AP- YUKON CITY

Ice Add a Little Frosting

Yukon Ice Manager Buck London announced a deal that brought in three new players to the team during his daily press junket. "We added Mike Nitkowski, Pat Galarraga, and Shane Frey today. Nitkowski is going to play SS and we'll slide Frenchie(Ice SS Guy Kellert) over to third. I expect Nitkowski to hit 1 or 2 and Pat will start lower in the order for us."

The Ice had been shopping DH Joe Telgheder since early in the season and it took a three team deal with Cincinatti and San Diego to piece together a suitable offer for the young hitting prospect. Nitkowski and Galarraga are both excellent defenders and bring much needed speed and contact to the powerful Ice lineup. The Ice appear to be in the process of transforming themselves from a team full of power hitting DHs to a much more complete offensive unit.

Ice GM Sean Laferte confirmed the new direction the team was taking. "We were obviously satisfied with our middle of the order power. Buffalo Bill (1B Jim Kelly), Smokey (RF Marlin Frazier), Ausmus and Bragg give us an elite lineup. What we needed was to put guys on base for the big hitters and reduce the errors behind the pitchers." Laferte also commented on newly acquired RP Shane Frey. "He's going to allow us to be more flexible with Darrell Randa. He might close a little or work as our SR. All that is certain right now is that he's a fantastic addition to this pitching staff."
  (6/28/2027)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The voters have spoken and the Whales will be sending 7 representatives to the Mid-Summer Classic, a YTR high since the sim changed in 2021.

Left fielder Damian Maddern, who will be making his 5th All-Star Game appearance and 2nd with San Diego, was surprised. “It’s never something you expect. Being named an All-Star means so much to me. It just tells me how much the fans of San Diego and around the YTR really appreciate and respect what I do. I’m truly flattered.”

Also making multiple appearances with Maddern will be Ramon Guerrero (making his 3rd straight appearance), Al Trammell (2nd straight), and Red Cormier (2nd). San Diego will also send three first time All-Stars: Alex Naulty, Francisco Roper, and Archie Krivda.

GM Eric Cunningham was very happy with the results. “Last year we felt we had some guys get snubbed, but this year is truly a shock to everyone in the organization. We couldn’t be happier, and to be the team that sends the most representatives since the ’21 season is just.. well.. it’s just something we are very proud of.”

As a side note, Cunningham informed the media that they were expected to sign veteran Al Griffey for the remainder of the 2027 season. The idea is that he will spot start a few games and bring veteran leadership to a still very young pitching staff. Griffey is expected to start tonight against Los Angeles’ William Bell.
  (6/23/2027)    (IND) Silverfish    The Silverfish would like to congratulate Cito Ventura, the team's 22 year-old starting shortstop, for making his second consecutive All-Star game. He will be alone on the All-Star flight to sunny Las Vegas, but Ventura stated that he hopes that he can keep playing one game at a time, helping the team in any way he can, and staying within himself. Oh, and he also stated that he likes ham sandwiches, but Ventura and team management declined to elaborate.
  (4/19/2027)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Halfway through April, the Whales have swung their first trade of the season. As of 10:00am in San Diego, the Whales have sent 24-year-old pitching prospect Greek Lansing and a pick in the upcoming amatuer draft to Barrington in exchange for veteran third basemen Trey Tremie. The deal is not official yet, but has been submitted to the league office for approval.

GM Eric Cunningham had been searching for a 3B since letting go of Reggie Pitz this offseason. "This deal didn't spring up overnight," said Cunningham. "Trey has been on the Whales radar for quite some time, dating back to last season. Everyone here in San Diego as well as those in Barrington had worked really hard to make this deal midseason last year, but when Trey suffered a ruptured achilles the deal fizzled. Talks immediately started again this season, and we progressed pretty smoothly. I'd like to thank the Barrington organization for their professionalism and willingness to work out this deal."

Tremie is scheduled to meet with San Diego physicians today for a physical, but he is expected to pass with flying colors. Coach Ahab has already stated that should he pass, he'll be inserted into the lineup immediately for tonights game in New Jersey.
  (4/4/2027)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon City

Who Is This Masked Man?

The newest owner in the YTR continues to make waves. Ice GM Sean Laferte announced another huge trade today. 2024 MVP Chad Ausmus was obtained from NAP in a deal for Moose Radinsky and Ray Simas. Last season the 30 year old Ausmus hit .270/46/112 while adding an additional 46 stolen bases.

Laferte briefly spoke to reporters after the official announcement. "We weren't even actively shopping Moose, but when it became clear that we had a chance to get Chad we just had to pull the trigger. I don't know where Buck (Ice manager Jack London) plans on putting [Ausmus] in the lineup, but needless to say we feel that we are now one of the most dangerous, well rounded offenses in the entire league."

Laferte added that the Ice were currently seeking pitching help and still plans on making at least one more deal before the first week of games is over.
  (4/3/2027)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - GM Eric Cunningham seemed very content in front of a group of reporters with only a day to go before the 2027 season kicks off. "I've talked with Coach Ahab and it seems that we're all very much on the same page. Toby Staley will start at catcher for us this season, and will work closely with Michael Senerchia when we feel the two are ready. Terric Taylor will be our opening day SS, and will switch to 3B to give Castillo some playing time against lefties. He'll also lead off for us. We are expecting great things from him this season."

Cunningham went on for a while fielding all kinds of questions, but the big news was that free agent 3B Jason Valentin was brought in to be the opening day starter. "We've been watching Valentin for a while, and felt now was the time to try and bring him in." Everything looks sunny in San Diego so far.
  (4/3/2027)    (SAV) Ducks    "I would like to welcome the members of the press for attending this press conference. As you know, Harvard is starting a rebuilding process. Many of your favourite players are no longer with the team, and our wishes go out with them that they find good employment with other teams. In addition, there are likely to be less players returning next year, as new rookies will be coming in from the minor leagues. In addition, with the current management team looking to run for congressional office in 2028, we know that we will have to replace our management. In that effort, we would like to annouce a FOX special, "America's Top Baseball Manager." Here to discuss the features of this program is ATBM's Executive Producer, Rusty Griswald.

Thank you. With the advent of so much reality TV, FOX has decided to up the bar a level. Most shows allow a person to improve himself. Today, we will allow someone to improve a team of 25. The winner of the show will receive a 1 year contract with YTL's Harvard Broncos, with a clause to automatically renew each season the team maintains a .500 win percentage. This will begin airing on Thursday Nights, and a winner to be chosen before spring training for the 2028 season. I will be announcing more information at a later time. And thank you for your attention.
  (4/2/2027)    (IND) Silverfish    Joe, the GM of the St. Louis Silverfish, stated today that he was "thrilled" by the first day of the 2027 draft. "This draft could not have gone any better. We were able to pick up Kris Hundley (3B), William Vessel (LF), Bobby Borders (RF), Cliff Luebke (SS) and Ross Mondesi (SP). All 5 of these players were in the top 20 of the team's draft board! Late in the night, the Silverfish traded young SP Gus Serafini for the #6 pick in the 5th round from the Chicago Rivermen." The Silverfish also wanted to make the belated announcement of the trade of Turk Karl (a young SP) and a 2nd round pick to Harvard for Cito Ventura, a 2026 All-Star at shortstop. The 22-year-old is slated to take his place in the middle of the lineup and infield.
  (4/1/2027)    (STL) Cardinals    ATLANTA BRAVES- The Atlanta Braves made a numerous amount of transactions this beginning part of the season. The manager says that he thinks that if he gets a few new faces on the team, the bad luck of the Braves will finally diminish. First off, the Braves traded off Dwayne Elster, David Virdo, and Dutch Bagby for a third round pick. The reason the Braves did this move was to make room for two new starters coming to the team, plus to make room for other new players coming up from the minors. Next the Braves traded outfielder Clayton and their 1st and 4th round picks for Boston's starting pitcher Filipe Masteller. The Braves are hoping they can expect great things from this starter who has been with three clubs, 49-54 overall record with a 4.57 ERA. The Braves think they can turn Masteller into an ace. The manager is quoted, "I saw Masteller in Boston with some great stuff, he was just too inconsistent with them." After acquiring Masteller, the Braves went on and sent Terrell Langston to Houston for Essex Pose, Al Clayton and a third round pick, which Atlanta then turned around and sent Pose, Clayton and two third round picks for Gregg Velandia and J. James. The Braves then sent James back to Houston for Kent Magadan. Magadan is supposed to serve as the Braves 5th starter this year. They are hoping great things from him as well.
  (4/1/2027)    (IND) Silverfish    Joe, the Silverfish General Manager, announces two free agent signings that took place within the last couple of days. First, the Silverfish signed starting pitcher Ivan Eckersley to a one-year contract. Then, Joe turned around and signed former 2nd-round draft pick and starting pitcher Johnny Gil Aude to a similar one-year deal. The Silverfish, with a plethora of young players on the roster, want to give Eckersley and Gil Aude a chance to prove themselves in the rotation in 2007 with an eye toward possible long-term deals at the end of the season. "I felt that the starting rotation needed to be shored up prior to the 2027 draft, as you never know what you're gonna get and what help you do get through the draft won't be ready for a few years. Eckersley and Gil Aude have the draft pedigree and, in Gil Aude's case, the regular season stats to point toward potentially long and successful careers in this league. Oh, and apparently the Silverfish bid for Frank Ripken was just a 'tad' short," stated Joe. Tonight begins the draft, and in the case of the Silverfish, the only night of the draft. With 1st, 2 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks, the 'Fish are hoping to bolster the roster even more. Of course that will only add to the youth of this team!
  (4/1/2027)    (BOS) Hammers    AP-Yukon Ice Making A Splash in the YTR.

Yukon Ice Owner/GM Sean Laferte completed a round of pre-draft trades this week with a surprising move to bring in former NY centerfielder Joe Bragg and relief pitcher Darrell Randa.

"Joe was precisely the type of player we were looking for. He's a young power hitting player that brings a steady glove and excellent base running skills to this team. Getting Darrell Randa was also a key part of this move. I anticipate that he will have a fantastic year as an anchor of our bullpen.

Laferte announced the trade on the same day that the Ice also annoucned that 31 year old Jack "Buck" London would be the new Yukon manager. London has never before managed in the YTR but his strong track record in the Alaskan Coastal League prompted Yukon to give the young coach a shot. The new manager was caught by surprise when notified of the offer, "I couldn't believe it when they called me, I thought it was a couple of high school buddies messing with my head. When Mr. Laferte finally convinced me that it was really a shot to manage in the YTR, I just kept telling him thank you, thank you, thank you."

Bragg and Randa will soon get the chance to show their old team just how they felt about the trade sending them to the Great White North. Yukon opens its 2027 season against New York. "Oh yeah, I'm really thrilled about being a part of this organization, but DR (Randa) and I both have that date circled on the calendar."
  (3/31/2027)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After failing to land Alex Naulty in free agency, the Whales immediately went to Las Vegas and ponied up a second round draft pick to trade for him. "The price is pretty high for a reliever," admitted GM Eric Cunningham, "but when you look at Naulty's track record, we feel he is worth the investment."

Coach Ahab was very excited about the new bullpen arm. "We really worked George (Huson) a lot last season. He's a stud in his own right, but we really felt the need to bring in some insurance; someone who can help take the load off of him and carry the team when he's called upon. Naulty is the perfect fit."
  (10/21/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The #1 seeded team in the National League was dropped like a sack of potatoes by the Illinois Deer in 5 games.

"It's disappointing," said LF Damian Maddern. "To come this far and put up such a poor showing for our fans. It's just disappointing. This team is still very young, and the last time we made it to the playoffs we waltzed through to our first Championship. Maybe this is a nice wake up call that we need to prepare a little harder, and EARN our rings."

GM Eric Cunningham has optomistic about the future. "We're usually a very active team on the trade fronts, but this year we kept more quiet than we should have. We're very happy with where this team is, and we are very excited about our prospects. We're looking forward to filling a few very specific needs in the draft and through free agency."

Only two everyday starters remain without a contract extension for next season: Reggie Pitz and Erik Gagne. Rumors have it they could be signed by the end of the day.
  (10/15/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - With Kent Powell and Erik Gagne continuing to struggle, the Whales have made some adjustments to their starting lineup. DH/1B Red Cormier, who batted .292 with 30 HR and 106 RBI has been moved up to the 3-hole to bat in front of Maddern. Cormier has batted 3rd and 4th in his career before and has always seemed to excel, but has been left in the 5th spot since the acquisition of Powell. Maddern will continue to hit 4th and Powell will bat 5th.

Gagne, on the other hand, has been benched for the time being and will be replaced by veteran Toby Staley, who was called up from AAA Lexington late last night. "This is why we brought in the veteran," said GM Eric Cunningham. "He's been very good for a very long time, now we are hoping that he'll be able to step in for us at the most crucial time." Staley is a career .323 hitter in the playoffs with 8 HR and 40 RBI in 229 at bats with Pittsburgh from 2015-2021.

Scotty Allensworth is scheduled to start game #2 against Illinois tonight.
  (10/1/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales have clinched their second division title in two years and at least a share of the best record in the National League. "This title means a lot to us," said GM Eric Cunningham. "It puts us on the map as a team to be feared, and a team that isn't a fluke. A lot of praise should be given to coach Ahab who's tiredless efforts have really helped out this team gel."

Reigning MVP (an darkhorse repeat candidate) Kent Powell was saying all the right things. "We're thrilled to be able to bring the fans of San Diego a second divisional title after waiting such a long time to get the first; but there is still plenty of work to be done. Illinois, Houston, and Edmonton are all very tough teams and we certainly have an uphill battle in the playoffs. We're just glad that we'll be able to play our first series at home, no matter who it's against."

Coach Ahab gave all the credit to his young pitchers. "Harmon Raabe, Chuck Abbey, and Dick Oravetz are really what got us over the top. Oravetz has really helped us solidify the bullpen this season while Raabe and Abbey have been pleasent surprises in the rotation. They have certainly outperformed what we would expect a typical rookie to contribute."

  (10/1/2026)    (SAV) Ducks    The General Manager addressed the new media today with this statement. "It is true that Harvard has ceased contract negotiations with all players, managers and coaches. This is to allow the financial department to re-evaluate the position of the team in light of recent discoveries of accounting errors. While we continue to discuss options with the IRS, we feel it is unprofessional to negotiate with players when we may not be able to fulfill contracts. At this time there is no truth to the rumour that Harvard will be changing ownership. I will not be taking questions. Good Day."
  (8/17/2026)    (PIT) Pickles    History in the making? The Deer look to conclude the '26 season on a strong note and attempt to snap the Pirates 17 year division title streak.

"All streaks come to an end, and this year our goal was to be that team. With 43 games left we know that they are going to make a hugh push to the top" said Swift.

The Deer took a huge blow this past week with an injury to a key bottom of the order hitter Cito Delaney.

"Cito was a huge part of our offense this season. One of the best rookies this year." Belliard

His replacment Karl Bryant a one time starter fir the Deer came out and produced immediatly. Karl has hit 4 homeruns in the last 5 games including a walk off homerun and an 8th inning 3-run game winning homerun.

  (8/2/2026)    (GC) Copperheads    CHICAGO - (AP) The Big Purge The Chicago Riverman had a mass release of players today. "We felt that these players deserved the chance to hook up with a team with a shot at the post season. We were disappointed we couldn't move some of these guys in trades, but that's the way it goes sometimes. We wish them all well."
  (6/18/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales would like to congratulate Ramon Guerrero II, Al Trammell, and Damian Maddern for their all star selections this season.

This will be the fourth trip for Maddern, though first with San Diego since coming over from Cincinnati. Maddern has been a quiet monster for San Diego living in the shadow of reigning MVP Kent Powell, but this season he’s started to really show the fans in southern cal what he can do. Currently, Maddern ranks 4th in the NL with 58 RBI and falls just shy of the leader board with 17 HR.

Ramon Guerrero has been the stabilizing force for a rotation that has looked invincible at times and dismal at others. The #1 in San Diego ranks 5th in the NL in ERA with a 2.87 mark. With two rookies in the Whales’ rotation, Guerrero has been just as valuable off the field as on it. At only 25 years of age Guerrero will be making his second consecutive appearance at the mid summer classic, and you get the feeling that there will be many more in his future.

Al Trammell will be making his first career all-star appearance this season and it’s very deserving. The 23-year-old closer who broke onto the scene in the playoffs in 2024 has had his ups and downs since, but this year, it’s been mostly up. Trammell came out of the gates slowly this season, but has really stepped up as of late. He is currently ranked 2nd in saves in the NL with 19 and his 2.70 ERA has been on a steady decline over the last 2 months.
  (5/19/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Whales would like to announce the acquisition of OF Archie Krivda from the Smithon Jaguars. In exchange the Whales will have to say goodbye to a front office favorite Craig Moore.

"Craig's a guy that will be missed in the clubhouse, but he understands the business end of baseball and knew that we were looking in a new direction," said GM Eric Cunningham. "With Harmon (Raabe) and Chuck (Abbey) performing well, there was no more room in the rotation for Moore and he became expendable, but he will never be forgotton. He personally showed me that ratings might not matter as much as heart. Craig certainly has heart, and has always been productive. We wish him the best with Smithon."

Archie Krivda, on the other hand, fills an immediate need for San Diego. After rotating countless players in and out of left, Krivda is expected to be the answer. Cunningham explained the team's plan for Krivda saying that he will "probably spend some time in the minors right away, but we're expecting him to come up by the All-Star Game."
  (4/3/2026)    (STL) Cardinals    As of 4/3/2026, the Manager of the Atlanta Braves has posted 831 wins and 628 losses. He has taken them to 6 playoff appearances, once as a wildcard, and won back to back years in the World Series in 2017 and 2018.
  (3/31/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Whales would like to publicly congratulate Kent Powell for recently being crowned NL MVP for 2025. After piecing together a fantastic season, Powell ended the season leading the league in runs (131), triples (5), and RBI (158) while also finishing in the top 10 in SLG and HR.

“It’s really an amazing honor that I never expected,” said Powell. “There are a lot of good players out there that were also deserving of being the MVP, I guess I’m just the lucky one who got chosen.”

GM Eric Cunningham was relieved. “We obviously thought he was the clear choice, but Burich in Pittsburgh, Cameron in Arizona, and Tewksbury in Houston really had us concerned. After we missed the playoffs, the MVP watch kicked in for Whales fans. The voting this year must have been the closest in a long time as any one of these players could have walked away with it.”
  (3/29/2026)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Whales have come out of the 2026 season gates like a team possessed. “We’re not happy with last season’s performance. We don’t want to be another flash in the pan team.”

The first move was surprising to say the least. Many teams around the league knew the Whales were searching for a second basemen, but the acquisition of long time Pirate Tim Scanlan has sent shock waves out of Pittsburgh. While he was clearly solemn about leaving Pittsburgh in a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, he is intrigued by the chance to start his career over with San Diego.

“This is a huge change for me, but at the same time, this is a big opportunity to help a young team with a lot of talent. I just spoke with (GM) Eric (Cunningham), and he told me that he is really looking forward to me being the leader of this team.”

When asked to explain, Cunningham said, “Tim has played in this league longer than any other player we have on this roster, and he has played at an extremely high level. He and Dino (Castillo) are going to bring us the veteran leadership we need right in the middle of the field.”

San Diego also struck a deal with Smithon to move up to the #2 spot in the amateur draft. The Whales had to move catching prospect Will DiPoto along with their first round pick to make the jump. The trade instills confidence in the 23-year-old Erik Gagne who through one and a half seasons batted .273 with 19 HR and 33 steals.
  (8/27/2025)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The 2024 World Series Champion San Diego Whales recently called up pitching prospect Chuck Abbey for a spot start against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Abbey showed solid command on the hill surrendering only 1 walk and striking out 7. He gave up 4 earned runs in a losing effort, but impressed the front office enough to earn another start.

"We really like this kids ability," said GM Cunningham. "He's going to be watched closely as he still has some room to grow, but, for now, we're going to keep him around for the playoff push."

When asked about his future role with the club, Coach Ahab said that Abbey "will be a key factor in the stretch run." He stated that, "(The Whales) are going to be trying to set up the rest of our rotation to get the matchups we want down the stretch. Abbey is going to be a big help getting spot starts to help us rotate effectively. As long as he is pitching well, there's no reason to send him down."

Abbey was looked at as one of the top arms in the AA Fremont system. Many suspected he would join the rotation for the 2026 season along with prospect Harmon Raabe who remains with Fremont for the moment.
  (7/13/2025)    (GC) Copperheads    Ouch! 21-5
  (7/13/2025)    (LON) Knights    American League pulls out the victory. Boxscore
  (6/28/2025)    (SA) Swamp Dragons    Florida management has decided blow up the team and start completely fresh. The current team either just can't play together or are bad personel which the scouting dept. takes full responsibility for. It's clear that the right mix is not here and we have decided to go ahead with a 3 to 4 year plan we think will makes us a contender for a long time. The current formula hasn't worked and has frustrated both the fans and management. The only thing left to do is start from scratch and build a team that plays well together. Florida would like to reiterate that this is not a firesale but fair offers will be reviewd and alot of them most likely will go through as we are looking to build through the draft and may accept some younger players that we feel could help us. We plan on keeping only a few veterans to solidify but mostly looking to trim payroll dramatically and add draft picks. Some guys may be sacrificed to move salary so we are able to move forward with are 3 to 4 year vision of actually being a factor. It's a sad day in Florida when an officila announcement like this has to be issued to the league. It's the right time though as our fans deserve a winner. All offers will be looked over.
  (6/18/2025)    (SAV) Ducks    "Well, I can't really explain it. Nothing major has changed. Pitching has been scattered, seeming that we either have a good starting outing that fails in relief, or a poor starting performance and a closing performance that shuts down a losing effort. Osuna needs more time on the mound, Puckett has elbow soreness that we cannot find on any scans, Gaetti and Baldwin can't maintain focus for 6 full innings. Roper is the only one who has held it together. Even Helms has lost control and develops blisters when he pitches."

"Batting has been highly inconsistant. 8 run games followed by shut outs. And never seem to get the big hits when we have the lead. I can't tell you how many 10-8 games we have lost, or how many 2-0 games lost. Woody has been the only consistant player, and that errant throw into second last night will have him out until the swelling in the eye is reduced and he can see again."

"If I can get everyone healthy all at once, I may try to rearrange the lineup and see what that produces. And I am starting to look to our minors. You may have noticed a new young firstbaseman. We have high hopes for him which will let Myatt get back to playing the outfield. This team should be contending for first place, but we are over 11 games back and tied for last place."
  (5/29/2025)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The 2024 World Series Champion San Diego Whales are proud to announce the acquisition of Jim Gott from the Colorado Rockies. Gott, a former #1 overall pick, has been sought after for a long time by the Whales front office.

“We’re thrilled to finally piece together the right deal to bring him in to San Diego,” said GM Eric Cunningham. “Gott’s been productive for the 6 seasons he has been in this league. It seems like he should be older than 28.”

Gott has never won a CY Young Award and never been selected to the All-Star Game, but the word around San Diego is he is one of the most consistent pitcher you can find these days. Gott will also have the pressure taken off of him for the first time as he drops from the #1 starter to the #3 behind Ramon Guerrero II and Scotty Allensworth.

The Whales had to part ways with Hideo Walbeck in order to swing the deal. “It’s a risk we were willing to take,” says Cunningham. “We already have some serious pop in this lineup, but pitching wins championships, and that’s what we are here to do.”

San Diego also acquired first basemen Chet Bella and OF Jeff Maxwell as part of the deal. Coach Ahab explained his ideas saying, “Bella should get a chance to start right away. We’ll move Powell back into the field to fill Walbeck’s shoes and let Red (Cormier) DH. Maxwell will see some part time duty to start with and we’ll work from there.”
  (5/14/2025)    (GB) Roaring Lions    TAMPA BAY - (AP) The Tide were no-hit until the 9th. Then a triple and a double ended up winning the game. Boxscore
  (5/14/2025)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON - (AP) Get your offers ready! Word is out that Smithton is about to throw in the white towel. "We just can't seem to find the right mix lately. We may have to go a new direction if things don't straighten out soon. We'll definitely listen to offers." While Smithton may or may not start moving some of their talent, suitors are reviewing their roster for potential moves.
  (3/29/2025)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The fans are celebrating in San Diego after the Whales marked the most amazing run in franchise history. Their first Divisional title, first NL title, and their first World Series title. It's a run that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the fans. Pitcher Scotty Allensworth, the longest tenured Whale, said "This has been a long time coming! Everyone here has worked their butts off to get to this point and we were glad to bring this home for the fans, but we were also glad to get this for Ortho (Wawruck) who has had an amazing career with St. Louis, but was unable to win the ring. He brought a new dimension to our team and... well... he deserved this more than anyone."
  (10/22/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After taking four straight from the Naperville Brewers to win the right to represent to National League, the San Diego Whales have clinched their first ever appearance in the World Series! "So far, we've had a nice combination of timely hitting and great pitching," said Coach Ahab. "This series with Colorado should be a great matchup."

Scotty Allensworth, who many in the San Diego front office will garner some interest in the CY Young race, will start game one for the Whales.
  (10/3/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Whales have clinched their first division title in team history! While the Whales have made the playoffs on three separate occasions (2006, 2007, 2008), this will be the first time representing the NL West.

GM Eric Cunningham while being sprayed with champagne said, “We’re extremely proud of our organization. Everyone from the grounds crew to the players to the hot dog vendors to the coaches to the front office management has done a phenomenal job making 2024 the year of the Whale!”

“We still have a long way to go,” said veteran outfielder Ortho Wawruck. After being brought over from St. Louis, Wawruck has provided the spark that San Diego was looking for at the top of the order batting .367. “I’d love to reach my first World Series; I’m not getting any younger.”

San Diego has only hosted 6 playoff games in their 24-year-history, ironically, all of them being against division rival New Jersey. San Diego has had a rough history at home going 1-5 in those games. Cunningham was quick to dispute those numbers saying, “There is no one in the entire franchise that was playing within 5 years of the last time the Whales were in the playoffs. This is a new team, new blood, new storyline. Get ready to see something special.”
  (8/17/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Whales have called up Hideo Walbeck (4th overall pick in 2024) from AAA Lexington and reliever Al Trammell (3rd round pick in 2022) for some depth.

"We've been anxiously waiting the arrival of both of these players," said GM Cunningham. "We've had Trammell pegged as our future closer for years, but he was only 19 when we drafted him and has taken a long time to mature. We think with all the reps we have given him over the years that he is ready to crack the major league lineup. As for Walbeck, we knew that he would be a midseason call-up, but we've been able to take out time and give him a little more work down in Lexington. Right now, we are really excited to see what he can do."

Coach Ahab isn't quite sure how he is going to fit Trammell into the lineup quite yet. "George [Huson] has been doing a nice job as closer since being reassigned, so we might get Trammell some reps in as a set-up guy for now. Walbeck will bat against lefties for now, and over the next 5 games should see a lot of action. We'll see what happens then and make our decision."

Should Walbeck make the impact he is believed to have, the Whales could have the most formidable outfield in team history with Maddern, Powell, Walbeck, and Wawruck.
  (6/23/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - In a somehwat surprising move, the San Diego Whales have dealt center fielder Hal Levis to St. Louis for pitching prospect Chuck Abbey. After the acquisition of Powell days ago, Levis' role in the San Diego outfield has quickly been diminished. Many felt he could shift to DH, but GM Eric Cunningham is standing by the current DH, Walt Houston, as the leadoff man for the future. So Levis was the odd man out, and was sent to bring in coveted pitcher Chuck Abbey.

Cunningham commented, "We had really liked Chuck Abbey at draft time, but felt we had to go out and get a power bat to help out lineup with our first pick, and by the time our second selection in the first round came about, he was long gone. But we maintained our pursuit throughout the offseason and well into the summer. The negotiations between St. Louis and I spanned months, but I think both of us are finally happy with what we got."

As a side note, the San Diego Whales would like to congratulate All Star Game starters Red Cormier (DH) and Dell Ladd (2B). While the Whales have had reserve all stars, Cormier and Ladd will be the first starters for the Whales at the mid summer classic since 2008 when Hall of Famer Gene Cromer started at DH.

  (6/3/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – In a blockbuster move, the San Diego Whales have acquired superstar Kent Powell in a three team deal involving Florida and Houston. “The opportunity doesn’t arise often to acquire a player of Kent Powell’s caliber,” said a proud Eric Cunningham, General Manager of the San Diego Whales.

“It’s going to be very tough saying goodbye to Charlie Sharon. He is going to be a great player someday, and we’re going to miss him in our infield, but right now we think Powell might be the piece that could get us to the next level.”

Coach Ahab has already named Reggie Pitz the starter at third base. "Reggie did a great job for us last season at the hot corner," Ahab said. After posting a .309 batting average last season, many in the organization like Pitz's upside and think he could be a future on base machine down the line.

  (5/14/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – In a minor move, the San Diego Whales sent catcher Kelly Cookson packing to Napperville for outfielder Wes Tom Conine. The move comes days after Cookson was demoted to AAA Lexington.

GM Cunningham released the following statement, “While we feel Cookson will be a special catcher down the line, we wanted to make a move now to show our fans that we are committed. Conine has yet to see major league pitching, but we feel he brings a different dynamic to the franchise. For the time being, he will battle with Rey Acre and Dustin Gilkey for the starting right field job.”

Veteran set-up man Sandy McCurry has been demoted to AAA Lexington to make room for Conine on the major league roster, although thoughts are he will only be there until the outfield platoon can be figured out.

Along with Conine, the Whales were able to move up two rounds in the upcoming draft as they acquired a second round pick for their fourth rounder.

  (5/9/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales have announced the call up of catcher Chris Jenkins from AAA Lexington. Jenkins, a career .273 hitter, was demoted to make room for prospect Kelly Cookson, but after his tough start, the Whales have decided to try and spark the offense.

"At this point, we have 3 major league catchers in our system," said GM Cunningham. "If one of them is struggling, we have no problem sending them down for some extra work. Jenkins has shown us that he can play, and we have full confidence that he will pick up where he left off."

In 2022, Jenkins hit 22 homeruns out of the 8th spot in the lineup. He'll be looked upon again to provide a spark at the bottom of the order where the talent has not lived up to expectations.

  (5/9/2024)    (SAV) Ducks    2B Hiram Bordick was removed from the lineup this afternoon after complaining of hallucinations. This has been happening since the end of last season, he claims. Most of the hallucinations center around oject moving at high speeds, and seem to change colour and shape before his very eyes. Fans may have noticed the poor hitting and fielding abilities Bordick has shown this season. Recently Bordick has said that the hallucinations are too much for him and he remains frightened whenever the ball is thrown anywhere near him. Bordick will be admitted into Harvard Medical Center for testing and evaluation until such time as the cause of these hallucinations can be determined. In the meantime, Harvard has begun searching for a new 2B. Rumour has it that Lemke will take the field in the 2B spot until a decision can be made as to which minor league player can quickly relocate to the team. All minor league teams are currently on road trips that may hamper the quick replacement of Bordick.
  (4/19/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders   

SAN DIEGO - With all of the “youth movement” talk swirling around the franchise, the Whales decided to go out and make a move to acquire journeyman pitcher Al Telgheder from Illinois. The four-time All Star and former Rookie of the Year award winner will be brought in to bring leadership and stability to the rotation. The Whales will be the sixth organization for which he has been a part. “I was thrilled to learn we were bringing him in,” said Coach Ahab. “He’s going to really help out the kids.”

To get something in this league you have to give something, and San Diego had to part with SS Arnold Oquist. It was no secret that Oquist was being shopped around, but it was an emotional good bye with the front office. After breaking onto the scene in 2022 with career numbers, Oquist failed to fit into the mold with which the team was building itself around. “It’s tough to say goodbye to Arnold because he was one of the first players we went out of our way to get. He’s a good player, a great player, but he was out of place here. We wish him the best in Illinois,” said GM Cunningham.

Telgheder is scheduled to complete his physicals and meet up with the team when they arrive home after the series in New Jersey. He is penciled in to start the first game against Smithon on April 22.

In a non-related move, coveted 3B prospect Charlie Sharon has been called up from AA Fremont and will join the team in New Jersey. Osvaldo Wasdin will now move from 3B to split time with Dude Bullett at short.

  (4/9/2024)    (SAV) Ducks    Fans threatened to boycott the rest of the season after losing 4 of their first 5 games. Picket lines formed over night with signs reading 'San Diego fire sale is smoke and mirrors' and 'Can't Pitch, Can't Hit, Can't Watch'. This fan call for boycotts seems unlikely to change Harvard management's position. In a press release today, Harvard GM called the picketting fans a bunch of 'low-life malcontents' claiming that the protest was really a reflection of poor city wie management. He claimed that 'the reason everyone is out here picketting is because city officials are awarding long-term management contracts to foreign corporations. The people have no other choice than to protest against the only media-gathering venue." City officials would not comment.
  (4/4/2024)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa Bay traded their top pitcher to Chicago today on the eve of the season. "We got two great young bats. We liked what Chaney brought to the ballclub, but we needed to pare some payroll. Chicago was willing to pick up the difference in pay and trade some guys who could hit too. Owen Mueller can't play forever and we need to start filling in some of those gaps. I know some fans see this move and wonder why we did it now, but Chicago was aggressive. I'm not sure we would have gotten as much for Chaney any later in the season."
  (4/1/2024)    (GC) Copperheads    CHICAGO (AP) - The Riverman GM's arm is little tired from signing all of the new contracts. In a flurry of signing, the Riverman added Cam Pittsley, Jose Bennett, Pat Gott, Sterling Betzsold, Ed Easley and Pedro Kane. "We realize that this is a huge increase in payroll. It's a gamble, but one we feel we wanted to take right now. We have some really good young talent and felt we needed some veteran leadership. We also needed some more power in our lineup. We feel we were able to add the necessary pieces for a championship run."
  (3/29/2024)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The Whales would like to introduce their newest acquisition, centerfielder Damian Maddern. Maddern has been brought in to be the stabilizing force in the middle of the lineup that the Whales have been looking at for some time. “We had to make a big splash on the trade market,” said GM Cunningham. “We needed to spice this team up a bit. We’re going to miss the players that we had to let go, but when you have the chance to bring in a potential MVP, you have to pull the trigger.” Maddern will be shifted to left field so Hal Levis can still roam center. “I look forward to meeting all of my new teammates,” said Maddern. “I won a ring with Cincinnati in my first season in the league, and I would like to be a piece of the puzzle that can establish San Diego as a perennial contender.”
  (3/29/2024)    (BAR) River Dogs    The wonderful city of St. Paul has opened her arms to usher in a new era of baseball in the region. The Renegades have struck a deal with the city for a stadium and more importantly a fresh start for a franchise that seemed to be on life support. The move couldn't have come at a better time as upper management was told they will have more roster flexibility along with a bigger budget to usher in the new era and let Renegade fans know that this team is committed to winning. The team looks to retool after a dismal 2023 campaign. "We have an oppurtunity to get off on the right foot here and harness a steamroller of support. We have to step up now and field a good team, one with hope and build for success. We hope to make the St. Paul fans proud." commented Rengades GM Chapman.
  (3/29/2024)    (PIT) Pickles    The Deer are pleased to annouce the aquisition of 2 new pitchers. Al Telgheder and Neil Youngblood.

With these moves the Deer have dramatically improved thier rotation. However the Deer are not done yet. Managment says that they are not going to stand pat during this offseason and plan on signing some big name free agents.
  (10/12/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After a disappointing 2023 season, the new management is wasting little time attempting to fix all of the holes on a sinking ship. “We have a lot of work to do, but we feel we are closer than we appear to reaching the playoffs,” said GM Eric Cunningham. “We have a lot of you guys that will be playing extremely important positions next season.” In a bittersweet way, the Whales are excited to have their first high draft pick since the new management took over. Cunningham refused to comment on the direction of the team’s selection. Rumors have been swirling around the ballpark that a “ground breaking deal” had been struck, and the Whales are merely waiting for the playoffs to end before announcing it to the baseball world. Cunningham confirmed the rumors saying, “I can’t name any names, but this move is going to shake up all the teams involved.”
  (10/3/2023)    (PIT) Pickles    The deer managment have told thier supporters they have made a huge deal to aquire 2 new starting pitchers, however they are not allowed to disclose the deal until after the playoffs.
  (9/21/2023)    (SAV) Ducks    The director of Harvard baseball addressed a group of spectators after yesterdays loss. "My fellow fans, I think we can safely say that this season is over. Assenmacher is out for the rest of the season on injury, and only Sagmoen knows how to swing a bat. I must say that I am disappointed with the way players have performed this season. I made promises that this team would improve, and the players (12 in all) that were brought onto this team did almost nothing. Without Assenmacher and Sagmoen, we have a collective .233 average. But the changes made were an improvement, even if performance wasn't. "When we started this season, I said that we had a pitching staff that could hold us solidly in the pack. But they received no support from their teammates. I still believe that our pitching can hold this team together. "For next season, we should expect to see many of our better performers return to the field. A lot of those who did not perform are being released. I don't stand for a lackidaisical work effort, and those that chose not to perform are going to be working elsewhere. It may take another year or two to rebuild this team, but Assenmacher and Sagmoen are still young enough to build this team around. Before they reach their 30th birthday, we will see them in the playoffs." He walked off the platform and back into the crowd, as stunned silence descended over the fans.
  (8/27/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Last night, Rookie pitcher Ramon Guerrero rang up 9 batters en route to his first career shutout. Guerrero has been the brightest spot of a young rotation for the Whales. Over the last month, he has gone 4-3 with 48 K in just over 64 innings. He also had a no decision in which he pitched 9.1 innings and struck out 13. "I just got out there and throw strikes," said Guerrero. "I'm here to help this team win, no matter how far out of first we are."
  (8/2/2023)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Owen Mueller goes 4-4 with 3HR and 8 RBIs! Box Score
  (7/28/2023)    (PIT) Pickles    Deer make improvments: The deer who despretly need starting pitching make a move. And yet again it's for another bat. The Deer aquire Stacy Guthrie from Cleveland for springfields 2nd round pick.

"Stacy gives us a major upgrade in the catcher position both offensivly and defensivily. The pick we gave up would have been the pick we would have used to try to improve this position, and we just couldn't find any youngster good enough to fill our void."

This addition will add to the Deers payroll a total of 8Mil for the next 2 seasons. The deer are now activly looking for either more power in the lineup, or starting pitching.

The good new for deer fans is that the team will not need to look for a catcher this offseason and can focus on finding pitching.
  (7/20/2023)    (BAR) River Dogs    With the recent trade Foxboro management can now confirm that they are moving in a different direction. With the recent arrival of Boston to the New England territory the area has become too crowded to support 4 teams. With Harvard, Beantown, Boston and Foxboro fighting for fans all in the same league the Flames orginaztion has struck a deal for a new stadium and will be moving in the offseason. The recent trade was a move to try and charge back into the wild card race this season and give the Flames fateful one last run. The team has failed to make the playoffs the last 12 seasons after a promising start to the franchise. "We feel we have significantly improved our club." said GM Chapman. "We've made some changes in our scouting team recently and we have to give them some time to get comfortable in the system so we took the pressure off of them by trading away some high draft picks and picking up some established veterans who are still youthful. The early reports from our new scouting crew said this draft was not all that strong either so that only strenghtened our commitment to acquire young ready now talent. We feel good about the guys we picked up and know what they bring to the table and still have some room to grow. We also picked up some great looking prospects as well. For the first time in over 6 or 7 seasons we were given the green light to increase payroll. We feel good about the entire deal all the way around." Foxboro has said they will not announce the terms of the new agreement or the city that the team is headingto untill the offseason. They want any success this season to be totally contributed to the Flames fanbase.
  (7/18/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After a seemingly reckless amount of trades by the Whales front office, GM Eric Cunningham may finally have settled on a lineup. "Financially, all of the deals made sense for us. We were trying to clear some serious cap space and ended up knocking almost one third of of salaries off of the payroll this year. We're going to try and fit the team under a certain number for the next two years as we let the players we have grow into their roles." With the cap cutting comes more youth movement. Israel Grudziela has been up for a couple of starts now and looks to be solid, and in the most recent influx, outfielders Hal Levis and Howard Casey have come up with first basemen Walt Houston. With youngster Red Cormier already manning first, Houston will likely DH. "I think it's great," says rookie pitcher Ramon Guerrero. "It really shows how much faith the organization has in us. They are really committed to try and turn this ship around." Rumor has it that there may be one more trade up Cunningham's sleeves as he would love to improve on his draft positioning.
  (7/8/2023)    (ROS) Revolution    Once again Springfield makes another deal. This time with two other teams. Foxboro and Houston. Springfield, who has realised it takes alot to get pitching in this. Feels like they got them some worthy pitchers. With Glendon Marsh who has pretty low control and Chad Florie who has really low control pitching 4th and 5th and having eras around 7 and 9 plus Decomba Santiago aging away and not having his best year.Management said it was time to get someone. So Springfield traded away Myril Seanez Cf a good prospect and good defense. With Scotty Bergman who has down great so far.For One starter Marty Trippy who Springfield thinks could be a good 4.00 era type pitcher. With his 79 control and a great fastball with some other pitches hoovering around 80 or over.Next year look for him to be the third starter in the rotation. The other two pitchers picked up is alot better than what we had before. Donne Loan will be taking the 5th spot in the rotation and will next year also. Which leaves Decomba Santiago probably getting traded soon or packing.Management says (still no quotation marks) This trade worked out well for us. We did lose a very good left fielder and a soon to be starting prospect. But we will gain up to 9 million dollars for the contracts of two vets that were soon to lose their jobs here. And at least a pitcher who should do just fine with the defense Springfield puts out on the infield. Also has 3 years left on a 250,000 dollar contract.We have gained roughly 10 million dollars to our total this year and expect at least 4 million more dollars added by years end.Springfield now is searching for a decent hitting good defensive center fielder.
  (6/23/2023)    (GC) Copperheads    Horace Pozo off to a fast start in the bigs.
  (6/18/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Whales would like to congratulate closer Turner Giannelli for making the National League All-Star team. With a league leading 19 saves, Giannelli has been the most pleasent surprise to a struggling team. He has finally given the bullpen the anchor that they needed at the back end. "We're all very proud of Turner," said GM Eric Cunningham. "They couldn't have selected a better guy from our squad."
  (6/18/2023)    (LON) Knights    Smithton shut out from the All-Star game.
  (6/13/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Last night, Red Cormier became a hero. With only one career homerun to his name, the future star came to bat in the top of the 11th inning with the bases chuck full. Arizona's Milt Cox, who San Diego had ironically persued in the offseason, became the victim of Cormier's first career grand slam. "We're so proud of Red," said Coach Ahab. "We had two of our big hitters come up in that inning only to come back to the dugout with no runs produced. This kid just walked up there and crushed it. He's getting better every day." With a flurry of reporters around Cormier, he wasn't a typical rookie. Sitting calmly, answering every question, he looked like a seasoned vet. "I'm really glad I could help the team tonight, but anyone here could have done it. Tonight, I was given the opportunity, and I took it." Cormier certainly will be given all kinds of opportunities from here on out.
  (6/8/2023)    (ROS) Revolution    News from the A.P. says a blockbuster deal is done. Sending old time Springfield fan favorite Carl Huson 1b back to Springfield. Where he will take over the role of 1st base and turn Tom Zahn into a permanent DH. Springfield gave up alot to put Huson back on there team.Giving up a 1st,4th,5th round draft picks and Tripp Ogea, Royce Van Poppe,Ed Gubicza plus Jose Strange. Pitt gets some draft picks and some quality players. While Springfield drops a little salary and gets back the guy they truly missed after the trade a few years back. Crazyhorse,All excited about the news said (quotations dont work for somereason) Carl will be welcomed back with open arms.That stellar defense and potential to hit.330 a year with good speed is hard to come by. I doubt he hits as many homers as he did when he started his era in Springfield. He quite steroids after his first year in Pitt. But I can still see him driving in 100 runs and getting on base with his high average. I know he had a rough stint with the mighty Pitt boys. And thats to bad he did because Pitt is a great franchise with a great owner and millions of playoff births.I just hope he goes back to his old ways.If he does I feel we can compete.I better call him and see if he is on the plane yet.Now with Royce Van Poppe gone. It looks like Peaches Strange will get the call as the number 1 middle reserve man. He has had a rough start but he should come around . I have seen his practices and there stellar.Thats the news in Springfield
  (6/3/2023)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - Jack Mueller surpassed 3000 hits for his career. The Jags would like to congratulate him on a wonderful achievement. In recognition of his years of service, the Jags are going to retire his #21. Thanks for the memories Jack!
  (5/29/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – The Whales have again decided to invest in the future of the ball club by sacrificing the now. Today, the Whales pulled the trigger on a deal with the Barrington Mudhens centering around outfielder Rikkert Santoveni. Whales’ management had grown tired of him as he never seemed to reach his potential. “Maybe we set the bar too high, but we felt he should have been much better than he was for us. Hopefully he just needs a change of scenery, and we wish him the best in Barrington,” said GM Cunningham. The Whales will bring in outfielder Hal Levis and first basemen Tyler Houston. “Both of these players have shown signs of exceptional plate discipline which should help us get on base. A .251 batting average at the quarter mark has sent up the red flag in our major league club.” Both Levis and Houston will report to AA Fremont tonight. The first wave of the San Diego youth movement went off very nicely. Unexpectedly, Ramon Guerrero, who was scheduled to work out of the bullpen, was given a start against Houston to replace a struggling Archie Gainer. “I had seen this kid on tape,” said Coach Ahab, “but it didn’t do any justice. His stuff is electric.” Despite getting the loss, Guerrero went 8 strong innings surrendering only 3 runs and striking out 3. Red Cormier’s debut also went nicely as he would bash his first career homerun the next day. Ahab seemed very excited about his progression. “This kid is going to be something special. He looked pretty good out there and he has a lot of growing left to do.” The youth movement continues.
  (5/24/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - In two quick moves to try and get the Whales back on the right track, San Diego has called up first basemen Red Cormier and starting pitcher Ramon Guerrero. Guerrero looks to join a stuggling rotation soon, though he may spend his first few weeks throwing out of the bullpen to get used to the high level of competition. Cormier will be thrown right into the fire as he looks to bat 7th tonight against Houston. "Cormier is the best first basemen we have in the system, and he's still got a lot of growing to do" said coach Ahab. GM Cunningham added, "We're looking for Cormier to eventually co-anchor the lineup with Chalrie Sharon, but right now, we have a chance to see what he can do on his own." To make room for the two youngters, second basemen Jon Nelson and recent call up Jay Horsey (CF) were demoted to AAA Lexington while Kelly Cooksen and Andujar Tipple will move down to AA Fremont to fine tune their skills.
  (5/19/2023)    (YKN) Huskies    LA- The number 1 overall pick in last years draft, SS Salomon Ripken, makes his major league debut tonight against the New York Mets. He has shot through the minors and will be given an oppurtunity to stick with the big club as he continues to improve. Salomon has said to be nervous, but very prepared for this oppurtunity. He knows he still has a way to go but feels he can contribute solidly while he gains experience. The Dodgers have suprisingly been off to a solid start and look to tweak the team slightly on the fly now rather than just completely sit back and watch the youngsters develope. "We may fall out of it in another month so were not going to mortgage the future to win now. We'll just stay the course and hope the kids dig deep till we sort out the bullpen", said skipper Crash Davis who was the manager at AAA Durham last season untill being promoted with most of the AAA roster in the off season. "I've seen this before. We just have to buckle down, we know that no major help is on the way so let's not get all giddy just yet. We just played a quarter of the season and we're at .500. We ain't contenders yet. Hell, we're not pretenders yet" Davis said after dropping last nights game and running the losing streak to 3 games. "If the pen don't pull it together soon we may have to seek outside help, maybe therapy" said pitching coach 'Nuke' LaLoosh. First pitch against the Mets is set for 8:05.
  (4/29/2023)    (BEA) Bullies    Mueller reaches 600!!!

Future Hall of Famer Jack Mueller agreed to a 1 year deal with the Beantown Bullies this offseason and has yet to announce weather of not this will be his final season. On April 22, 2023 Jack became just the 3rd player in the YTR to hit 600 career Home Runs, the majestic shot came in the bottom of the 5th as the 2nd of back to back homers off of Vikings pitcher Sherry Unroe. The 10 time All Star and former MVP is batting .345 with the Bullies and is just 26 hits shy of 3,000 and just 6 shy of becoming the all time hit leader. Mueller holds the current single season Home Run Record which stands at 64, he did it in 2016 while batting .334 and driving in 170 runs, he finished 2nd in the MVP voting that season to teammate John Mueller. GM Michael Tuscano was asked about Muellers' presence in the clubhouse, "It's great to have him around, he is a great influence on the young kids we've got coming up, he has taken Russ (Huff) under his wing and is helping him develop into that great hitter we expect him to become. It's just an honor to be in his company as he is truely one of the greatest the league has ever seen."

  (4/14/2023)    (ROS) Revolution    The New Faces for Springfield for 2023. Springfield has been very busy the past week prepping up there team through trades. The first trade brought a firstbaseman by the name of Tom Zahn who played previously for Jersey . This trade saved Jersey some dollars and brought me an on base machine. Tom has the contact and eye that the Blaze were looking for. He will be hitting second and right behind Jimmy Brocail. The second trade saw some draft picks going to the mighty Copperheads for Peaches Strange. Strange has some very good stuff.We want to give him as many innings as humanly possible.The third trade saw two prospetcs of the Blaze go to San Diego for J.Wolf,A. Daubert and J.Franco. San Diego will be getting a shut down closer(Alberto Weiss) in Springfields eye. Its to bad he had to be part of the deal.But Daubert is in the 70s for D at left with pretty good contact and should hit 20 homers.Springfield finished last in homeruns a year ago. So the power is needed. J.Franco will be a big key if Springfields pitching is successfull. A long reserve man who should get alot of innings with the Blaze number 3 starting pitcher. The Blaze are still shopping their 1st draft pick for a starter or a centerfielder.
  (4/11/2023)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Why can't I ever beat PIT!!! Granted I was able to beat them in the playoffs, but man do they have my number in the regular season.
  (4/2/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - With only one pick in the first three rounds, the San Diego Whales were able to come away with their guy, third basemen Charlie Sharon. "Drafting at 21, we never thought we'd ever see him, but there he was, sitting pretty. He was out number one guy the whole way," said GM Eric Cunningham. "We've had a hole at the hot corner and in the middle of the lineup ever since we've taken over this organization, he should fill the need in both of those spots." The Whales were also able to come away with second basemen Adjuar Tipple and right fielder Marc Ward on day one of the draft. Both are expected to spend some time in the minors before cracking the lineup.
  (3/31/2023)    (ROS) Revolution    Springfield is very pleased to announce their new short stop, Mark Consuegra. Mark will imediately play short stop and move Ellis Caceras to third base. Management has always prefered an average hitter, superb defense at short stop. Rather than an excellent hitter with decent defense. But he does have an 86 eye which is nice with his 85 contact. Maybe the Blaze wont finish last year in the always tough DOD. Sure it will be interesting.
  (3/29/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After 4 seasons with the San Diego Whales, star centerfielder Brien Belliard was sent to Illinois for third basemen Vito Hopp and minor leaguer Isreal Grudziela. "Brien will surely be missed, but we are extremely excited to bring aboard a third basemen of Hopp's quality. We had had him on our radar well before this offseason and we felt that we had to pull the trigger when his name was floated into the trade market." In an unrelated deal, the Whales also sent midseason acquisition CJ Holbert packing along with starting first basemen Pete Anthony to Chicago for Red Cormier. "Red still has some growing to do, but we feel he will be an amazing bat that can bolster this lineup for years to come. We felt we could spare the starting pitcher with the acquisition of Isreal." While fans may question the moves for the upcoming season, the front office will make all of the effort to remind fans that this is still a building franchise despite making runs at the division title two years in a row. "Now, with Cormier, Guerrero, Grudziela, Trammel, and Huson, we feel we have a very strong foundation for the future."
  (3/28/2023)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Rumors have been swirling around the Whales offices about a deal centering around staff ace Lonell Macon. GM Cunningham denied the idea that San Deigo was shopping their star, but did confirm the fact that he has received multiple offers and considers every offer seriously. "While we have never gone out and offered Macon to anyone officially, his name has been the most asked about on our roster. With a glaring need for a power bat, and with future stud Ramon Guerrero biding his time in the minors, a deal for Macon may be more likely now more than ever before."
  (10/24/2022)    (GB) Roaring Lions    The Tide have been hot at the right time. With one huge inning, the Tide advance to the WS for the first time in team history. "We are extremely happy to be where we are. But we also know the jobs not done. We had to eat some great teams to get here. PIT and HOU are top notch and we should be proud we were able to get past them. But we have four more games to win." The Tide have gotten seme great performances from some players that struggled during the year. "It's been a true team effort. Just have to keep playing loose and things will take care of themselves." Either way, it should be an exciting World Series.
  (10/9/2022)    (YKN) Huskies    Rumor has it that management is interested to see what trading the first overall pick in the draft would bring in return. Any offers will be listened to from here till the draft. Rumor has it that if an offer were just too good to pass up on, they wouldn't.
  (10/1/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After sweeping Los Angeles, the San Diego Whales had brought themselves within two games of New Jersey, but after losing the first two games of the head to head series, San Diego has officially been eliminated from the playoffs. "We're definitely going to be looking to add some offense over the offseason," said GM Cunningham. "Despite finishing fifth in the league in homeruns, as a team, we more than likely won't have a single player crack the 25 mark. While we love the depth of this team, our pitchers were let down too many times." Shortstop Arnold Oquist, who enjoyed a stellar 2022 campaign, looked forward saying, "I don't know what the plan is this offseason, but we made a great run this year and we have the nucleus to do it again in 2023."
  (9/26/2022)    (LON) Knights    Smithton is starting to look ahead to next year. "It was a solid year, but we missed the playoffs again. After a long dominant run we feel like we are close to getting back to that level. This division has gotten much stronger so we'll have to go out and find some more talent to help us." Nothing was terrible for Smithton this past year. But nothing was outstanding either. When the Mueller brothers were together bashing away, some of the problems with the pitching staff could be overlooked. Now with the offense back to the middle of the pack, the pitching issues are more obvious. Some of this is due to the newly added pitchers not living up to expectations. "When you are replacing three Hall of Fame type pitchers, you're going to have a drop off in talent. But we need to get better." Look for Smithton to target pitching in the upcoming draft and free agency. They will also be active in pursueing trades, but their farm system is somewhat bare these days.
  (9/26/2022)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Final Push for the Playoffs - Tampa Bay's just won four of the last five to give them a leg up on the final playoff run. "We like our position, but by no means do we feel this things is wrapped up. All one has to do is to look at last year when we lost 18 of 20 during a key stretch. Especially since we end the season on the road." It will be a fight to the finish.
  (9/21/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - In the midst of a pennant race, the San Diego Whales have decided to call up first round pick Ramon Guerrero. "Guerrero has been steadily improving over the course of the season. While he may be a bit of a risk at this stage in his career, we think he can really help us set up the rotation with our series with New Jersey." Guerrero is slated to make his first career start against the Naperville Brewers on September 22.
  (9/16/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    Springfield is glad to announce that they signed Gino Florie to a two year 6.8 mill deal. While his stats are far from good. He was a top ten draft pick with 89 control and a pitch in the 90s rating and one in the 80s. Springfield will go ahead and put him in the number 2 slot for now. With one starter on the team surely leaving for free agency after this year. Springfield needed a decent pitcher in their minds And they feel they got one. GM Mitch said I am glad we could find somebody before the free agency period begins. I feel someone of his potential could get probab;y 8 million at that time. If their that desperate for pitching.
  (9/11/2022)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa Bay is looking to avoid the sweep tonight from the hands of the Pittsburgh Pirates. "We were hoping to take the lead or at least stay equal. But they have taken the first three. We need to take the last one. We are starting a very tough stretch of games. Only 4 home games left. Hopefully we are still in the race when we go to Pittsburgh to end the season. That will make for a great season ending series.
  (8/7/2022)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON(AP) - Has the BB curse hit Smithton? After pulling within a few games of the division leader EDM, the Jaguars have droppeed 10 straight and are in danger of dropping out of the race entirely. The owners are vigorously searching the bulletin board for some type of praise quoted in the board. "Last time someone said something nice about a team, they promptly went out and dropped a huge egg. Hopefully this is just a little funk and we can right the ship. It's getting late in the year and we can't fall too far back."
  (7/18/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    Blaze management says they are going on a short vacation after this past month. They finished up some more little deals at the beginning of June. They now have a vet pitcher,Decomba Santiago who should be starting here for a few years and they traded away fan favorite Mitch McLemore for a 7th,8th inning setup man for future closer Alberto Weiss.While the fans in Springfield were mad they traded Mitch.The owner of the team is happy that he can get rid of his salary and get a young cheap very good setup man who has great control. With Springfield barring down on defense with there youngsters management firmly believes Clint Harnish could easily be an allstar. Today will mark the beginning of their first round pick last year Jimmy Brocail. The fans in Springfield hope he can replace what McLemore was able to do here in his few years in a Blaze jersey. manager Crazyhorse says "Its time for Jimmy to come out and do his best for this club. He has great leadership skills for a young guy. And I look for him to be the leader of this team in a year or so.
  (7/18/2022)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON(AP) - With a towering blast, Owen Mueller hits his 600th HR. That leaves him 2 behind all-time leader Terric Geier. "What else can you say about Owen Mueller. He hits for average and power. He steals bases and has a great glove and is willing to play any and all positions. He's the complete player."
  (7/13/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After some long negotiations with Las Vegas, the San Diego Whales were finally able to bring aborad pitchers CJ Holbert and Ross Jarvis for two mid round 2023 draft picks. "We've been attempting to upgrade our entire pitching staff without affecting team chemistry," said GM Cunningham. "We feel that our 2022 draft class was a strong one, and the pieces will be in place for the future. Our team is already very young, so we'd like to bring in one more starting pitcher before the year is up."
  (6/28/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - After three years without representation at the mid summer classic, the Whales will be sending Rogelio Urbina to represent the team. "I'm very honored, I really didn't expect it." said Urbina after receiving the news. GM Cunningham was a little less surprised. "Urbina's been a great asset to this team ever since he came over from Springfield last year. We are expecting him to be a cornerstone in our franchise. Hopefully, that means he'll be returning to the classic a few more times wearing that Whales uniform. I am a little disappointed in the selection committee. We have at least one other player on this team who deserved to go, and after looking at the selections at his position, I just don't get it." Shortstop Arnold Oquist could not be reached for comment.
  (6/23/2022)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON - Owen Mueller hits for cycle in Jags win. Boxscore
  (6/23/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    A day or so ago Springfield made a trade with Chicago that should help both squads. As for Springfield they gain a good avg,speed and power guy with very good defense in left field and a third rounder.As of now he looks to probably be the lead off or second hitter next year. Scotty Bergman is one af about 6 or so rookies who should be taking a starting job next year for Springfield. GM Mitch says I like the way this team is making out so far for next year. With possibly 6 or 7 of the fielders next year starting at a 250,000 dollar salary. I just really wish Pete Penn C, could be ready but I doubt it. The way the rumors go. Springfeild would like to do one more trade somehow (Mitch McLemore) before the draft.
  (6/13/2022)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON - The Jags acquired Toby Staley while giving up Rob Lima and another minor leaguer. "Another tough year in the NL Central. We wanted to get another quality bat in our lineup. Lima has great stuff, but we think we have enough middle/long relief to let him go. Anytime you can get a bat like Staley's, you have to consider it." Staley has been penciled in as the #2 hitter in the Jags lineup. The Jags are currently 8 games over .500 but still sit 6 games back in the standings.
  (6/13/2022)    (LON) Knights    In yet another move, the Jags traded one of their highest prospects and their 1st Round pick for Gil Ingram. "We needed to shore up our short relief pitching. Ingram has top notch stuff with great control. We gave up our top prospect in Benitez along with our 1st Round pick. Looking at the draft, we weren't sure what kind of value we would get based on where we are hoping to finish. This way we get a proven veteran pitcher. We've got to do something as our in division record is 8-17. Shows you how well we've played outside the division. But we need to close that gap if we are going to get back to the playoffs."
  (5/24/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    What a busy couple of days for the Blaze. As they spent most the day working out a deal with San Diego which tells the tale of both teams. As for Springfield they got two very good prospects that they are excited about with low salaries and dumped a high salary player who really wasn't in the future plans. And San Diego snagged Archie Gainer from me who was very hard to trade lol. GM Mitch had this to say" We lost one very good starter". "I wish Archie well." "But we gained some young future stars". We are very excited to get our future cleanup man, Rogelio Patten. "He has very good defense at third with plenty of power and good contact". "With Rogelio and Jimmy at second and third with very good defense and power with average,we should be set for at those positions for awhile." We also needed a future very good closer". "Alberto Weiss is the man to take that spot when he's ready." It's obvious we looked to the future." But I feel the future is bright now". Especially if we can get an Ace in the draft come this year and he could start the year after". I guess we will see.
  (5/24/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO – After a long day at the negotiations table, the San Deigo Whales are proud to announce the addition of starter Archie Gainer to the ball club. "Gainer will slide right into the number two hole in our rotation, which will help everyone as they slide down a spot. Hopefully, it will allow the struggling Allensworth to go up against some easier opponents." Also acquired in the deal was Osvaldo Wasdin, a shortstop who will make the move over to second base. "Wasdin's defensive prowess will really help us up the middle. Urbina has been struggling in the field and we feel that a move to DH for him will really help the team as a whole." The cost of the present put a kink in the future for the Whales as Rogelio Patton and Alberto Weiss were sent packing. “Patton and Weiss will be phenomenal players someday, but we felt the way to make a solid run at New Jersey, we had to pay a price.”
  (5/19/2022)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa lands two big bats, but gives up loads of talent. "We were willing to trade some decent prospects to get some bigger boppers in our lineup. We needed to bolster our lineup to compete in what is becoming a very tough division."
  (5/19/2022)    (GC) Copperheads    "This is unacceptable. With the moves we made not working out at all, and seeing how we may or may not pull out of it, the management has made the decision to go young. In some cases real young. Our scouts have identified some key young players and we were able to get some of them. Our fans may not be happy that we traded away some key players, but we want to build for the future."
  (5/14/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    SAN DIEGO - Pat Wieand's 25 game hitting streak was snapped last night in the opening game of the series with the Cleveland Indians. "The hitting streak was fun while it lasted, but winning is what matters," claimed Wieand. "We're off to a hot start, but a baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint." During the streak, Wieand batted .373 with 9 HR and 20 RBI.
  (5/9/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    What a hell of a start for Springfield. As they have the worst record in the league. G.M. Mitch has shown much displeasure for his team and manager. Mitch said the other day" This is ridicoulous,sad,very sad"." I didn't expect a playoff team but give me a break."" What are we 0-7 in 1 run games". Our starters besides Archie Gainer have sucked." We have no power or speed." Average isn't the problem." So know I need to reevaluate the talent in this league". Maybe YTR is heading into a new stage". "The power hitting stage." I see a former catcher who played for Springfield tearing up the ball now."He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn for us."He needs checked for Roids". Ater that he throws a phone against the wall.He gave these scouts a raise not long ago.As we caught up with Crazyhorse the manager he said" Patience,We just started Mitch ."I try to tell him these things happen." He is just a competitor." Like me he don't like losing no matter the circumstance."Money, Age whatever."
  (4/14/2022)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Bubba Lewis is off to a fast start for the Tide. "I'm just trying to contribute any way I can. I'm seeing the ball real well right now. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going." said the burly first sacker.
  (4/9/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    The front office in San Diego had itself an interesting offseason. In what, apparently, was a deep draft, the Whales feel to have brought home some blue chippers to build around. "Ramon Guererro is a future ace, while Alberto Weiss and Al Trammel will give a new look to the bullpen," claimed one front office source. GM Cunningham explained that "the overall goal was to revamp the entire pitching staff, and while we were not prepared for the prices we would see in free agency, we feel we counteracted nicely in the draft... fans will just have to be patient while these prospects work out." With a four man bullpen, look for San Diego to scramble and grab some arms out of the market.
  (4/9/2022)    (CLE) Rough Riders    In a pinch, San Diego has called up youngster Ray Osik to hold down the long relief position in the bullpen. While San Diego remains active in efforts to sign some bullpen arms (and possibly a fifth starter), Osik will be given every opportunity to nail down the job in house. "Osik's had a bit of a wild history," admits Cunningham. "Here's to hoping he can turn himself around and find his niche."
  (4/4/2022)    (GC) Copperheads    The Riverman start the 2022 season with a revamped bullpen. "The bullpen was something we specifically targeted this winter. We think the new additions will be a big help." Some key players were lost in getting these new pieces to the bullpen as S. Rowland (C), S. Parker (3B) and A. Giovanola (1B) were traded to EDM. "We feel we had enough depth at those positions to move the players we moved. They were great players and have the potential to do some major damage, but we felt the pitching upgrade was necessary."
  (4/3/2022)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON(AP) - After a tough ending to last season, the Smithton Jaguars are looking to rebound this season. "We've made some slight changes to our rotation. We are working with the pitchers to focus on their control. We were impressed with the success that Cincy had last season." said the Smithton GM. Their lineup has changed somewhat as well. On paper, it looks pretty balanced with some high average guys and some high power guys. We'll see what happens when the season starts.
  (3/31/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    Hello once again from Springfield. Today's draft saw four new members come to the Midwest to the Ozarks in Springfield and call Springfield home. Jimmy Brocail a second baseman whose pots at 94 ch,82ph,and 95 sp.With good defense to boot got a phone call early in the morning saying he's the Blaze's first pick. His remarks we're " I can't wait to play some ball there and show those hillbillies how it's done." " I just wish baseball was like football on contracts though." I can easily become the Reggie Bush of YTR." But the surprise pick of the draft day was the fourth pick. The Blaze selected Jesus Dettmer 3B Who might be slacking at defense but has offense to make up for it. He has 93ch,64ph,71sp. There is speculation around Springfield that once over paid DH Tripp Ogea's contract is up he is gone and that is Jesus Dettmer's job.Crazyhorse had nothing to say about that but he did say this." I think he is a steal from what I have seen. And as long as he is here he will be playing somewhere." " Right now I am trying to get management to get me one more pitcher but they haven't got the job done yet" Once we get that other starter I will be happy." And if these draft picks gain some abilities and reach there potential by early season I say we have a decent chance of making the playoffs even though were in the division of death." Even though most of the airways are talking about Reggie Bush, Matt Lienart, Vince Young and the NFL draft. Here in Springfield that's far from the case.
  (3/26/2022)    (ROS) Revolution    Let the new Springfield era begin. Gaining cash is priority one and will be for a few years. The reported budget for the team is around 65 mill give or take some. If the team feels they can be competitive and give some teams fits with a lower salary cap than let it be. Manager Crazyhorse says"Don't count us out already". "We feel confident we're gonna get some quality players in the draft"." Who knows maybe GM Mitch has a little Billy Beane in him. GM Mitch has said already" I don't see any big all-star free agents coming here this year. Just some quality ones. And now with these new GM's here and these big market teams. I have to be really careful to whom I go after. The big stars are going to make some big money. And Springfield can't compete with some of those offers. So Springfield needs to make some dough and get more competitive." now with only four starters and no long reliever. Springfield will be looking for pitching somewhere. Don't be surprised to see a 4 man rotation from Springfield this year if they can't find a serviceable starter.Signs of the new Blaze showed up today with a money saving trade with the mighty Pitt team. Springfield says it will put Osvald at short stop with his tremendous defense and arm. Ellis will move to second or third base. We just don't know yet. And with rumors of trading Mitch McLemore there only all-star away may make for a long season. Forgive the Blaze this year Springfield fans. We neeed mooooooney.
  (10/4/2021)    (SAV) Ducks    Harvard has begun its turn around. After being purchased by, the Harvard club went 13-4 in its final games of the season. A series of player changes and alterations in the pitching rotation are claimed as the reasons for the turn around, but much of the local media is claiming that the animated activity of the new manager has fueled excitement. Previous seasons of a nearly robotic management style, a new focus on youth, defense, and flair, certainly has had an influence. But the true test will be next season as Harvard tries to bring the dominance it once had back to the league.
  (10/3/2021)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON - With the end of the regular season, the chapter that was the 2021 season has come to an end. The Jaguars did well outside of their division, but the so-called Division of Death proved to be their downfall. "We didn't play well against the other teams in our division. Our pitching didn't come through as expected. Combine that with a drop in some power numbers from our secondary players, we just couldn't hang in there. We'll make some changes. We have enough cash in reserve to bring in some top-notch talent. Plus, this years draft appears to be the strongest draft in recent history."
  (10/3/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    The San Diego Whales have finished the 2021 season at .500. It's the first time the Whales have finished at .500 or better since the 2010 season when Turner Harmon led the team with a .351 AVG 25 HR and 100 RBI. This year will be known as the year Pete Anthony broke our just falling short of a 30-30 campaign with 29 HR and 31 SB. "I definitely have some work to do in the offseason," said Anthony referring to his .270 AVG. Overall, the new management has been extremely satisfied with their performance. GM Eric Cunningham was reached for comment saying, "Turning this team into a .500 club in one season has been a great accomplishment. We hope the fans will be understanding that this team won't be turned into a champion overnight, but the work we did this year helped us gain some ground on the competition. Last year, we were 16 games out of the playoffs, and now we finished only 9 games out of winning the division." When asked about the NJ Engineers divisional run, Cunningham added, "For a little while, I couldn't believe my eyes. They had fallen in such a deep hole to start, we thought we might be able to pull out the improbable (after being picked to finish dead last). New Jersey is quite the competitor, and even though either New York or Houston will feel slighted because they had a better record, New Jersey has to be considered one of the best teams in the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if we see them bring home a Championship to the NL West."
  (9/26/2021)    (STL) Cardinals    The Atlanta Braves called up SP Jon Norman from the minors and took Chubby Courtright down to the minors, since he wasn't pitching to his ability lately. They are going to give Norman a few starts to see how he can handle the major leagues, since he may get to start for the Braves next year in the rotation. We'll see how he does.
  (9/1/2021)    (STL) Cardinals    The Atlanta Braves have sent SP Edward Mohler back to the minor league team after starting 4 game, pitching 20 innings with an ERA of 7.20. They called up Tanyon Fryman, who has a career average of 4.41 and has pitched for the Braves the last 3 seasons. Ike Lansing took Mohlers spot in the rotation.
  (8/27/2021)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampba Bay has dropped 18 of their last 20 games. Not that way to play yourselfs into the playoffs.
  (8/12/2021)    (STL) Cardinals    The Atlanta Braves brought up SP Edward Mohler and sent RP Abbie McCarty to the minors today. The Braves have decided that they need to figure out who is starting next year since two of their starters' contracts are up after this season, Ike Lansing (35) and Brett Paris(34). Lansing will definately not be returning next year, but they still haven't decided on whether they will resign Paris or not. Other candidates for replacing these two starters are Javy Eischen, Neifi Perez, and Jon Norman.
  (8/7/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    Arnold Oquist hits for the cycle. The Whales front office has been extremely happy with what Oquist has brought to the table since the trade of the former face of the franchise Kirk Willock to the Houston Astros. GM Cunningham was reached for comment saying "Oquist has been an amazing addition to this franchise. He will be one of the key pieces we look to build around as we bring the Whales into the 2020s."
  (8/7/2021)    (LON) Knights    SMITHTON (AP) - After a disappointing stretch of games, the Smithton Jaguars are staring an a new scenario - no playoffs. Since the 2001 season, the Jaguars have been in the playoffs an unprecendented 16 times, winning it all in 2009,2011 and 2014. That history makes this year a difficult time for Smithton fans. When they are normally used to battling for a playoff spot, they have to be happy this year as the team checks some younger players to see if they can make it in the show. "Coming into the season, we thought we had as good a shot as anyone in the division. We were pretty fortunate in that we have relatively few injuries to contend with as well. Our hitting has been the same as previous years, but our pitching really struggled. We are going to have some make some adjustments in our evaluation process," says Smithton's management. What was thought to be a strength, turned into a weakness. Pitching, starting pitching in particular, was a real sore spot on this team. They still have a lot of young pitching talent. We'll just have to wait and see how they respond next year.
  (7/28/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    Whispers of a blockbuster trade involving Brien Belliard have slowly started leaking out of the San Diego Whales front office. "Players of his calibur don't come around for the minimum salary all that often," GM Eric Cunningham explained. "As of now we are more than happy to keep Belliard in a Whales uniform for the rest of this season. However, this team has multiple holes to fill, especially in the rotation, and he may be our best chance of filling them." A move like this would certainly take away all hope of the Whales breaking into the post season this year, but you get the feeling around this clubhouse that improvement was the name of the game in San Diego, and most certinaly the Whales feel comfortable they will acheive that mark as a .500 season should be in sight.
  (7/23/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    On July 19, San Diego Whales first baseman Pete Anthony became the first player in the National League to reach the 20 homerun 20 steal plateau (20/24 respectfully). "We weren't sure what we were going to get this year our of Pete, but he has been one of the most pleasent surprises thus far," said an excited Manager Ahab. Anthony was disappointed about not being invited to the All-Star game. "I thought I could have been invited, but I knew my average was a bit too low. It's a tough job to pick All-Stars, especially at first base with so many good athletes. I have a long career ahead of me, and I hope one day that I'll get my shot."
  (7/18/2021)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa Bay makes a push for the playoffs by acquiring Jack Mueller. "Some say that he is on his last leg, but we are willing to take that risk", says TB management.
  (7/13/2021)    (LON) Knights    Smithton has entered the official rent-a-player mode. "Not raising the white flag completely, but I'm not sure we are going to be able to pull back into this race. Because of that, we are listening to offers for Manto and Jack Mueller. We owe it to Mueller to try and find a spot for him to win one more championship before he retires." This is a move that surprised everyone in the Smithton organization.
  (7/8/2021)    (GC) Copperheads    Chicago management has leaked that one of their top players is available. Bert Olerud, one of the league's top hitters, can be had for the right price. "We are obviously not going to give him away, but we can't afford the $15 million per year that he wants to resign with us. Even though we are in the race for the division, we need to look at the future."
  (6/28/2021)    (ROS) Revolution    The past few days have been busy for the Springfield Blaze.Management has decided to make a few changes.The first change made was to find a cheap replacement for Ramon Reboulet at third. Ramon was making 5 mill and was in his thirties.Luckily this was his last year on his contract. Crazyhorse said " Ramon has done us pretty good in his stint here. But not good enough for that kind of money." Crazyhorse can be to honest sometimes. So now the Blaze have a cheap 3rd baseman(Toby Birkofer)from free agency who can still play a little D. "His hitting hopefully will be decent also" management says. The second change is a catcher picked up from free agency to split time with Norm. The last change for now is a small trade with San Diego in which the Blaze sends Alan Whitmore and Rogelio Urbina for Peaches Barnes. Crazyhorse says this about Barnes. "He has very strong stuff" "maybe he can get that era in the 4.00s here." but his control is lacking. Management has made no bones about it that right now it is battle for the 5th starting spot. Peaches or Jon Baldwin will be released or maybe traded at the end of the year. It just depends who does best. And wants cheaper money. This is probably gonna be a pretty long year for Springfield. Who finds themselves around the cellar of the Death Division.
  (6/28/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    In another cost cutting move, the San Diego Whales sent second basemen Casey Wieand and pitcher Peaches Barnes to Springfield Blaze for second basemen Rogelio Urbina and pitcher Alan Whitmore. “Casey was going to be the next to go,” said Manager Ahab. “We liked what he brought to this lineup, but if we were going to make any financial progress, this was a move that had to be made.” Urbina will immediately be inserted into the Whales starting lineup, but cleanup duties for the Whales will be taken over by Bernard Wohlers. “Whitmore is an interesting option for us,” continued Ahab. “He will most likely platoon at our 5th rotation spot with Ausanio.” The Whales, while projected to finish dead last, have found themselves in the thick of the race in the NL West and will now look to add an arm before the deadline.
  (6/23/2021)    (LON) Knights    Jack Mueller heats up after his All-Star snub. His 24 HRs lead the league and 61 RBIs put him 4th. "I have to say I'm a little surprised I didn't get the votes. But now I can play a few rounds of golf and see the family. Wish we had a home-run contest this year. " said Mueller. "Would have gone for that."
  (6/23/2021)    (LON) Knights    Trying to find the right mix of pitching, Smithton made a trade today acquiring Kary Bullinger from PHI 49rs. "It was a tough decision. JJ Sullivan really played well for us this year when Einar Farris went down. We gave up three young players that we were high on to get Bullinger. Hopefully it pays off down the stretch. In this division, we can use every live arm we can find."
  (6/3/2021)    (ROS) Revolution    Springfield needed a break from their rough start. Manager Crazyhorse has made a few changes to the struggling team. Crazyhorse said," We need some better defense at first base and to move Salomon Riley to his natural position were his defense shines." "Hopefully this will lower our pitchers era and we didn't give up much offense at all either." "This should be a win,win situation."he better hope so.Springfield management has been known to not be very patient. But money has the team strapped. With only a little over 40 million in the bank to play with and re-sign players.Management for Springfield says"Money is our number 1 concern." " But we want to be competitive also." which is easier said than done. for me anyway.
  (5/24/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    In a move towards the future, San Diego signed four pieces they are hoping will be part of a winning puzzle. Centerfielder Bernard Wohlers will be the newest centerpiece to the Whales offense. Wohlers has shown sparks of brilliance at bat from time to time and those high up in the Whales organization feel he can be one of the best hitters this franchise has seen in some time. Rightfielder Pat Wieand was also signed to a long term deal to help bring added pop to the lineup. In smaller deals, the Whales attempted to lock up the little talent in the bullpen that exists. Turner Harkrider and set up man turned closer, Decomba Neis, have been signed as they continue to excel. In a related topic, second baseman, Casey Wieand, who has been having a career season, has had his name floated in trade rumors as the Whales attempt to clear the extra salary taken up by the newest signees.
  (5/19/2021)    (GC) Copperheads    SPR pitcher Archie Gainer throws a NO-Hitter. Box Score
  (5/14/2021)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa Bay gets 1-hit.
  (5/14/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    The SD Whale and Houston Astros completed a 10 player deal bringing in Arnold Oquist and Scotty Allensworth. Both players will immediately be inserted into the lineup as Oquist will get a chance to leadoff for San Diego while Allensworth will start at the back of the rotation. With the good comes the bad as San Diego had to part with Kirk Willock and Dick Lown. Lown had grown to be a favorite amongst the new ownership, but the feeling is that Allensworth will surpass expectations. Moving Willock on opens a hole in the middle of the lineup the Whales are hoping Bernard Wohlers will be able to fill. It also means more playing time for first round draft pick Rikkert Santoveni. More cost cutting is almost inevitable as the Whales look to move above the mendoza line, but this ownership hopes the fans will see this as an enormous first step to a better future.
  (5/9/2021)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Estaban Chaney has been moved to the bullpen. "We thought he'd be able to handle it this year. He's still young and may get placed back into the rotation. For now, he'll get some spot start work but for the most part, he's going to work out the kinks in the pen." This is a blow to Tampa Bay as they were counting on Chaney to handle some of the load. Eric Olson will slide back into the rotation. He's a proven veteran, but you have to wonder how he is going to hold up. This season continues to be a struggle.
  (5/9/2021)    (LON) Knights    The Division of Death has reared its ugly head once again. Three of the five tied for the division lead with the other two not far behind.
  (4/29/2021)    (CLE) Rough Riders    After a disappointing series against the Smithton Jaguars, the San Diego Whales took out their aggression on the Springfield Blaze completing the first series sweep of the season and of the new administration. Lonell Macon, Dick Lown, and Turner Harkrider had season best performances against the Jaguars combining for 26 IP and surrendering only eleven hits and two runs. Harkrider earned his first win since being promoted to the starting rotation. Lown showed signs of living up to his second round selection for the first time this season as he struck out ten batters evening his record out to 2-2. Converted shortstop, Chuck Benton, enjoyed a fine home stand as he went 6 for 11 with an RBI. Benton played his first series at shortstop, moving from his natural position, second base. First basemen, Pete Anthony, only managed two hits but stole five bases in the series for a team high six on the season. Casey Wieand had his breakout game during the final game of the series. Batting 3-for-4 he blasted two homeruns and a double racking up three RBIs. A well rested Peaches Barnes (0-4) looks for his first win of the season against New Jersey’s Hi Myrow (1-2) to start the second half of this 12 game homestand.
  (4/24/2021)    (GB) Roaring Lions    Tampa Bay has started slow, but that doesn't mean manager Buck McGraw is worried. "We've started poorly this year, but I believe we'll compete for the division before all is said and done. It is too early to panic." : Copyright 1998-2020 BaseballSim.Com. BaseballSim.Com is a trademark of Chicago Sports Simulations, LLC. All rights reserved. Do not duplicate or redistribute in any form.

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